Six Techniques to Handle Night Shift Work Without Expensive Doctors or Medicine!

People who work the night shift poses a huge challenge for the system to sleep, due to poor light exposure / activity levels.

Exposure to light of our games in body temperature rhythm and controls our melatonin levels. If you work a night shift, you remain active while your body thinks it is time to put pressure on your system sleep.This sleep, and is also difficult in his emotional life, as it limits its activities to socialize with friends and family .

And because of the lack of light during the work, many night workers feel sleepy at work, some night workers even fall asleep while driving home in their cars. Highlighted below are some recommendations for you to get quality sleep and feel less drowsy at work.

First Routine

Keep a schedule “sleping during the regular order is important. Sleeping in the same way during the weekend you do during the week, make sure your rhythm of body temperature adjusts to this configuration, you will receive a better sleep and energy levels in the long term.

Second short nap

Due to lack of sunlight in your calendar, your body will try to sleep longer than others. But chances are you still wish to interact with your loved ones during the day, so if you still feel sleepy and not refreshed after your sleep, take a short nap of 10 to 45 minutes during the day. The brief period of stage 2 sleep will charge you physically, you can stay more alert during the day.

3. Exercise before work

Movement will increase your rate of body temperature, it makes you more awake and alert at work. As you hear a high temperature work, you get a low temperature for a job that will make you easier to fall asleep and sleep deeply.

A fourth bright light at work

Exposed to high intensity light, while the night shift, leaving becomes more energetic than the light increases the temperature of your body. How do you feel more energetic in their work, feeling tired after work, allowing you to have the quality of sleep after work.

The best way to combat fatigue is to get the job generator of artificial light (talk to the boss about it, it’s a good productivity), which can produce 5000-10000 lux of light.

5. Prevent Morning Sun

Avoid the light when you leave your job, wearing dark sunglasses, the less likely it is that your body gets confused and think it is time to wake up. Also, make sure to sleep in a darkened room after work, and that sleep is not interrupted by a bright light. Morning Light Bright is an important signal that your body will Rise and Shine time, and this limits the drastcially sleep.

6th Do not sleep with the same

Do not sleep during the first 3 hours to get home (usually 6-7am), because it is interrupted by morning activity at home. The first 3 hours of sleep contains most of his sleep, so you should not go to bed immediately after work.But wait at home all the worksheets and small children ate lunch at the school – that way you can relax after work and sleep abit.

In conclusion, strenunous always change the system to sleep. However, using the tips in this article, you should be able to increase the strength of your sleep system, sleep better and enjoy a higher energy level.

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