Skin Irritation Caused by a Lice Infestation

For many people with head live, the lice itself isn’t the biggest problem. The skin irritation that they cause, however, can cause discomfort and complicate the process of killing lice.

When a person gets a head lice infestation, it can be extremely upsetting and embarrassing. However, one of the worst problems is the discomfort caused by skin irritation. The scratching caused by the intense itching that head lice cause often creates skin lesions. Those skin lesions can make it difficult to treat head lice because of the irritation and burning that can be caused by putting a harsh lice killer on the skin.

In addition, the use of a lice comb can cause more lesions, including scratches, sores and sore areas of the scalp. The lesions may not be isolated to the scalp, however. Many people who suffer from a head lice problem have sores on their foreheads, on the napes of their necks and around the eyebrows. This can cause further embarrassment and create painful areas that are hard to treat. 

To kill head lice when there are skin lesions present, use a gentle, non-toxic lice killing oil that will work without causing irritation. Perhaps the best of these is simple olive oil. By leaving olive oil on the skin for at least eight hours, you will actually soothe those skin lesions instead of aggravating then. The oil moisturizes the skin as well as suffocating the lice. It’s an easy, inexpensive lice cure for anyone who has skin irritation. But even if you don’t yet have any lesions, it is a useful and easy way to kill lice. 

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