Sleep Problems

Everyone needs a quality sleep each day, but the reality is the opposite.

Sleep Problems

Everyone needs a quality sleep each day, but the reality is the opposite. Probably, this is caused by one or more of sleep problems. So, you have to know  what the possible causes is likely cause you can’t have the quality sleep.

Have you ever felt this one ore more below?

- Having trouble getting to sleep.

- Having trouble and/or disturbance during your sleep.

- Having a habit of waking up too early.

- Felt the lack of sleep all day

If you have, you may have one of the following list of sleep problems.

1) Insomnia

People who have insomnia have trouble falling to sleep, wake up frequently during his or her sleep, and wake up early in the morning. It usually caused by stress, consuming medicine, depression, jet lag, poor habit sleep, and many more.

2) Snoring

The noise from people who has this problem is totally annoying. It caused by the air you inhale rattles over the relaxed tissues on you throat.

3) Narcolepsy

4) Nightmares

The nightmare causes you wake up frequently in the night. People who have (huge) problem usually has a nightmare, you have to get some good time to refresh or relax his or her mind.

5) Night terrors and sleepwalking.

These two problems usually in children between the age 3-5 years old. Someone who has night terror is usually remember a frightened image but sometimes someone has nothing to remember. Sleepwalkers can do anything, from funny activities until dangerous activities while they are continue their sleep.
Another factors are lifestyle (A coffee addict, smokers, etc are more likely to have more percentage of sleep problem than people who don’t) and medicine (it causes sleep fullness).

Bear hugs, SA.

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  1. It seems I might having a weird case of sleep problems. Well, just like insomnia, I found out that it’s hard for me to fell asleep at night. But it’s also hard for me to get up early in the morning. :D Unless, it’s a weekend. Then I might automatically get up early. :D

  2. It means, you are lazyyyyy hahahaha :D

  3. Ahahahaha, :D really good point. LOL

  4. I used to have sleeping problem

  5. What’s your sleeping problem, @eileenaulia?

  6. Nice info..

  7. Thankyou!

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