Sluggish Liver Creates Depression

Could your liver be the real cause of your depression?

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According to Chinese medicine,Liver problems are the root cause of many illnesses.Including some forms of depression.

Its also written if our liver and kidneys are not functioning properly, we will age before our time.Chinese longevity herbs for this reason always include tonics for these organs.

Cleaning the liver is imperative to stop toxins and waste products making the liver sluggish and heavier. Unclean livers result in poor circulation.Making our tissues and cells undernourished.This tends to lead to deterioration and rapid ageing of the body.

Because our blood has to flow against gravity to reach our eye and brain area.Its believed a poorly functioning liver can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.We all need a large supply of oxygen to our brains to keep us alert.If we get limited supply the brain cells become affected.Research shows us,clean blood is in fact lighter than dirty blood.Making it easier to flow better around the body.

One of the first signs of a congested liver is fatigue.Modern medicine only test enzyme levels.These test will not show the congested or stagnated livers.So what can we do to protect our liver?

Exercise is known to stimulate the blood circulation and all organs work better after a little work out. 

Sleep is the time our liver does the most work.From 1am to 3am is the time it toils the hardest.So get plenty of sleep.

Another sign of a congested liver is waking up with numbness in the fingers or stiffness in the body.All due to lack of blood circulation.

Like the ancient Chinese,many metaphysical practitioners today belive,suppressed anger builds up into liver problems.So Its worth keeping a journal of all your emotions.By putting all your feelings down on paper each day,you will sort through problems and clarify decisions.Often anger is a sign of fear.So for the sake of your liver, put everything  down and get to the root of why you feel so angry.

Simple and natural ways to detox  is by drinking plenty of pure water.Not tap water that may contain chemicals.

Others swear by coffee enemas,or regulated dose’s of Epsom salts.Lemon juice in a glass of water is another detoxifier.

If you want to give your liver a complete rest,then eat only  plain low fat yogurt for a few days.This is often recommend by surgeons before their patients undergoing a gastric band operation.

Its worth self nurturing yourself alongside of detoxing.One good way is to stay in a bath of lavender and bergamot,for at least 20 Min’s.The same effect can be had by a bath of Epsom Salts.

However before embarking on any detox diet you must always consult your medical practitioner.

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