Somewhat Unusual: The Most Disturbing Deformations and Abnormalities in Human History

What?! Human frog? Snake baby? Alien-looking baby? Little mermaid baby….? Are you kidding with me? No, these disturbing deformations and abnormalities are indeed like "an epidemic encephalitis" that trigger shock and awe to the world.

You may have read on my previous articles on The most horrible diseases ever to tremble the world, The most horrible diseases ever to tremble the world 2 (or “weirdest and horrible diseases you never seen before”), and The most horrible diseases ever to tremble the world 3 (which presents you some bizarre, odd and unbelievable tumors) and now this article is the forth series of these dreadful and horrible diseases. In this series, I’ll focus on the deformations and abnormalities among the babies. Attached along with the end of the texts are some practical ways (particularly for pregnant moms) to help avoid the occurrence of such tragic.

Updated: The latest article: The most horrible diseases ever to tremble the world 5 (or The deadliest and most horrible diseases that shock the world) and Unbelievably most horrible and unusual human growths of all time.  

Deformations and abnormalities are a condition in which there is an abnormal change of structure, function, or an anatomic structure that may result in physical and mental disabilities or may be fatal at times of birth. In certain conditions, a specific body part may be found missing or formed incorrectly or extra structure may be formed to a location where it shouldn’t be or when there’s an inborn problem that might due to the result of congenital problems. Deformations and abnormalities in babies may also occur due to congenital infections, lower immunity, pathogenic infections, environmental factor, metabolic or structural defects, multifactorial birth defect, depleted uranium (DU) or radiation exposure, genetic, and other unknown causes.

Note: Due to that some images may have caused you discomfort feeling, and thus they were not attached along with the related texts.

Baby Born with Three Arms

Image source

One incredible baby boy named Jie-jie was born with three arms in Anhui Province, eastern part of China. He had two left arms and one right arm, in which one of his left arms lacks the palm, while the bone of the other one is curved in his elbow. Though his two left arms were fully developed, neither of them was fully functional.

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  1. Wow…another incredible article. All of these cases leave me wondering, and wanting to learn more..

  2. What a great article Chan, as always. I sure hope no one is making fun of these little ones. It is good to know they are all living healthy lives now.

  3. Incredibly well done. I have to admit, some of the photos are very disturbing and my heart bleeds for these children. Nice job though

  4. Amazing and well researched article,Chan! Excellent piece!

  5. Chan, you have outdone yourself again. These are heartwrenching cases, and I feel such empathy for the families. I watched a few of these cases on TLC programs, and the positive note is how much the families adore their child. It is comforting to know that these special souls were given to someone who would love them and fight for them. Thank you for another though provoking and educational article.

  6. Chan, you write the best articles. You have done another excellent job. You really research your articles well and it shows. Keep up the good work.

  7. What an interesting article. These poor children. My heart goes out to the parents.


  8. It is usually very heart-rending to see such tragidies, but they do happen from time to time. Many times though, they are due to the mother\’s exposure to environmental poison. So we all need to do something about the polution of our planet.

  9. wow! Those are crazy…those poor people!

  10. Wow, absolutely fascinating article! It really is an eye opener to see what things can happen from unusual diseases and developments in the womb during pregnancy. Very informative, and it certainly makes people aware of possibility.

  11. Wow, another excellent article. Human actually ruined its own home, and the consequences is for the human to suffer.

  12. Chan,
    This is another well researched article. Thanks for sharing,

  13. Whatever form they come, God’s creations are unique gifts worthy of our love. The challenge for us is to make this world a better place for them. Thanks for this one.

  14. How awful and heartbreaking for the families involved, it is almost unbelievable. Yet another excellent and well researched article.

  15. I saw conjoined twins sometime ago who had surgery and were successfully separated. It is so sad when children are born with these terrible deformities.

  16. This is really interesting to me. Im studying for respiratory therapy, and as soon as I saw the baby with two heads chest, I figured the death had to have something to do with respiratory failure. Great Read!

  17. Great and well researched article!

  18. To be honest, it made me a bit queasy. But that is a good thing.

  19. I don’t stop to wonder how this cases happen. Just recently a baby with monkey like was born in Sulawesi island.

  20. Some people have to endure such tragedies. I am so grateful for healthy children and grand children.

    Chan, thanks for a fine job and for giving wise advice to young mothers.

    Take care & G♥d bless!

  21. great article.

  22. nice article…so sad…

  23. Very interesting!!

  24. Very well done! nice research!

  25. Really unusual. Thanks for the unusual info.

  26. Oh no!
    There are more “disturbing” deformations than these. Some of them were before these…

  27. Strange… I think some of those shouldn’t have been “fixed”. Perhaps nobody will ever know what it’s like to go through life like that, or to have everybody you meet think you’re a god. ;-)

  28. Very well researched article and good use of photos, it reaches one’s heart, my heart melt and i feel the pain inside! I am breathless with your talent to put together such wonder! thank you also for “Special Notes for Pregnant Moms”… this is noted!

  29. Great coverage, as ever, Chan, thanks.

  30. Great article and research. The pictures were incredible. Well done.

  31. This was so unusual…strange but a great way to discover what else are there on the other side of the world…two heads baby with one body, oh my– really strange! and eight toes? Oh my earth…

    ANyways…really good information here!

  32. I am grateful to have had healthy babies. I think that the worst birth defects are conjoined twins, when parents have to decide whether to allow doctors to separate them, knowing that one will die. I can’t imagine having to make that decision.

  33. Disturbing… but very interesting

  34. Another excellent work. Makes me count my blessings more. =P

  35. Sad to know there are people out there who make fun of people with deformities. I hate that people can’t treat them like anyone else. I see them as like anyone else.

  36. so sad to see people like them

  37. yes yes…this is very true…actually there was a similar case in our locality…the baby had 2 heads and 3 arms and stuff……but the baby died in a few hours after birth…
    but a very well written article….nice info gathering done here…

  38. This was an amazing article till that god line. Having a deformed child isn’t a test from an unknown holy entity, it’s a string of bad luck but thanks to modern medicine we’re getting closer to solving the issues.

    It’s sad to think if there is a god that it would make deformed and miserable beings just to test other people. It’s also sad to think people believe there is a holy entity that loves them but thinks it’s okay for said entity to test them with awful creations.

  39. Thomas, commenter #39, and you believe that calling someone a foul name does not show personal hate? Perhaps you have not read the ending advice for mothers to be. Prenatal care is not always a concern for soon to be mothers but should be.

    You really should learn to voice an opinion without using foul language. This is a site that is used by all age groups and I personally find your name calling to be quite offensive!!! Children use this writing platform too. Quite obviously Chan is not a part of a woman’s anatomy.

  40. This is good information.It’s sad that these things have happened to the innocent babies and their families.But EVERYTHING is orchestrated by GOD! Why this had to happen we really don’t know. Regardless of the scientific reasonscGOD allowed it to take place.All I know is that those little angels have been called back to be with their FATHER.

  41. Comment 39 left by someone called Thomas navan roche was deleted due to foul language he used towards me. I just would like to remind readers to leave appropriate comment with polite language. This is not a stage to “throw me with stones”.

  42. sad…

  43. I dont know how anyone could look at those babies and find humor. So terribly sad and difficult for the families and babies. God be with them and protect or take them home.

  44. xcuse me please i couldnt stop writting it.dnt show your sympathy by saying them poor .everyone else who is not wearing the dress acoording to you is not poor.

  45. Makes you thankful for what we’ve been given. Great article.

  46. so upsetting

  47. the little girl that was born to resemble the god vishnu. i think thats a sign form god almighty himself.if she resembles the god they worship and love.why then they did not let her keep those is a sad story i am deeply saden . i wish you all the best my child love tamala

  48. These photos and the article really touched my art

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