Sonography for Monitoring Crohn’s Disease

Those who suffer from Crohn’s disease are caused to undergo many tests ascolonoscopies often painful. A recent study has shown that ultrasound is painless, can be enough to make an assessment of the extent of the lesions. A very significant progress.

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammation of the intestine which is manifested bysymptoms that it is not specific as fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, joint pain or weight loss. The diagnosis relies on laboratory tests as well as a visualization of the thickened wall of the intestine, either by colonoscopy or x-ray with contrast material.

Once the diagnosis is established and the anti-inflammatory treatment in place, it should be a regular staging of lesions, using the balance sheet usually a colonoscopy. But this latest review is cumbersome, requiring hospitalization and anesthesia.

Hence the interest of an alternate technique in imaging, such that ultrasound is completely painless. A recent study has shown that its sensitivity is greater than 95%,that is to say that its meaning to the same value as colonoscopy in the vast majority of cases. Better, if necessary operative, sensitivity increased to 100%. Patients with this disease will appreciate.

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