Special Antifungal Herbs

Here are some of the best antifungal, anti-yeast herbs.

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Garlic – is excellent, both internally and externally. Clinical trials of people taking 25 millimeters (5-6 tsp.) of garlic extract daily revealed that their blood stream showed significant antifungal activity against several common fungi. Garlic extract is even more powerful when applied externally to fungal infections. Liquefy raw garlic in a blender; put it on a clean cloth and apply it to the area 3 times a day.

• Licorice – contains 25 fungicidal compounds, more than most other herbs. Add 5-7 tsp. powdered licorice root to a cup of boiling water and simmer about 20 minutes. Strain out the pulp. Apply the liquid on a cloth to the affected area 1-3 times daily..

• Tea tree oil - (also called melaleuca) is very good on athlete’s foot and Candida. Research studies found it better than drugs for eliminating Candida. For skin infections, apply 2-3 drops directly to the area 2-3 times a day. If it is irritating to the skin, mix it with some vegetable oil. Do not swallow tea tree oil. It can be fatal. This is one of the strongest of the antifungal herbs. You may first want to try a milder one.

• Chamomile – is another powerful fungicide. It is widely used in Europe, especially against Candida. Make a strong tea and apply it directly to the area.

• Goldenseal, Oregon grape root, barberry, goldthread, and yellow root - all contain berberine, a powerful fungicide and antibacterial compound.

• Pau d’arco - contains three antifungal compounds: lapachol, beta-lapachone, and xyloidine.

• Turmeric oil – even at very low concentrations, inhibits fungi. Purchase commercial oil of turmeric, dilute it (1 part oil to 2 parts water), and apply directly to the area. Do not swallow this oil.

• Lemongrass – You can drink 1-4 cups of lemongrass tea daily. It tastes good. Apply the spent tea bags directly to the affected area.

• Black walnut – The powdered fresh husk destroys Candida and other fungi. Mix 1 oz. of the tincture with a few drops of valerian root, pau d’arco, and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Apply it to the area.

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