Spots on Tongue

You will never miss your tongue. You use it for eating and for communicating. If something is wrong with it, it will certainly affect your day.


The tongue is the human body’s primary organ of taste. It is also the main instrument for proper verbal communication. Because of these two primary roles, any breach or even any mild problem in the tongue such as a sore or spots or discoloration, becomes a major source of frustration and discomfort.

Tongue Health

A healthy tongue should appear pinkish or slightly reddish. It is covered by pore-like nodules that are responsible for taste. When you see red or white or dark spots, or when you feel some pain as your tongue touches your teeth or gums, check these at close up to see if you have a tongue problem. Most of these tongue problems can be resolved easily, although nothing is lost if medical advice is sought.

Geographic tongue, sometimes called “bald spot,” is a painful discoloration of the taste buds and can be seen as a red spot on the tongue. It usually manifests after eating exacerbating foods such as spicy foods, walnuts, eggplants, tomato, some fruits and candies. Geographic tongue is observed in people who are prone to allergy, excema or asthma. Other causes are genetics, vitamin deficiency, and hormonal changes. Ii is more prevalent in women, especially during ovulation, pregnancy or while on pills.

Red tongue, or strawberry tongue, is a condition of the taste buds turning red or even strawberry-colored and enlarged. It may be caused by a deficiency in vitamin B12 and folic acid. It may also be due to the high body temperature in scarlet fever. Red tongue is also seen in children who develop Kawasaki syndrome, a high-fever illness.


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White tongue is a tongue condition characterized by a whitish coating or spotting on the tongue surface. It could be caused by an excessive growth of the cells in the mouth called leukoplakia that in turn leads to white formations in the gums including the tongue. Leukoplakia is often associated with heavy smokers. It can also be caused by yeast infection in the mouth coming from those white cheeselike patches usually seen in infants or elderlies wearing dentures or with weak constitutions.

Sore tongue is a condition wherein the tongue gets sore or irritated. This is usually caused by accidental biting or scalding with extra hot foods. It can also be caused by heavy smoking, especially where the cigarette ember is  inside the mouth. Other causes are mouth ulcers due to stress and other medical conditions with sore tongue as a symptom.


See your Doctor

The tongue being what it is must always be kept healthy. If you suddenly feel an unusual sense, such as irritation or soreness, or see an unusual appearance, such as discoloration or paleness or too much reddishness, it is advisable to get your medical experts at work to make sure the problem is not so serious, and therefore save you from the discomfort and consequences of a simple sore turning into a severe malady.

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