Squelch The Belch

Are you one of THOSE people that are constantly belching? Do you embarrass yourself and your friends? Then read on, this is for you.

Are you one of THOSE people that are always belching? Is it embarrassing you and driving others nuts? Then read on and discover some ways to help squelch the belch.

  1. Reduce the amount of air you swallow. Alright, that goes without saying!
  2. Stay away from carbonated drinks. Lots of air bubbles there!
  3. Chew your food well and eat slowly. It looks better too.
  4. Eat with your mouth closed. That’s more than good manners.
  5. Pour your drinks into a cup and don’t drink through a straw.
  6. Avoid foods that contain lots of air, like omelets, whipped cream and ice cream.
  7. Don’t swallow as often. There’s lots of air in saliva.
  8. For chronic belchers limit the amount of gassy foods you eat, like fats, oils, sour cream, margarine, to name a few.
  9. When all else fails use an antacid containing simethicone (Mylanta, Di-Gel, Maalox Plus). Simethicone helps to break down the big bubbles in your stomach into little bubbles.

There is an old saying I read once that I’ll share with you now. You may want to repeat it in a particularly embarrassing moment.

‘Tis better to belch
And bear the shame,
Than squelch a belch
And bear the pain.

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