Stages of Recovery From Bell’s Palsy

A Narration of Healing from Bell’s Palsy.

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Stages of Recovery from Bell’s Palsy

It was on July 15, 2008 that I was diagnosed of Bell’s Palsy or about 1 year and 3 months had passed  up to this writing. I had produced 3 write-ups on Bell’s Palsy with the hope of helping anybody there who is suffering from this kind of paralysis and I am planning to write more about my personal experiences on Bell’s Palsy.

What are the symptoms? As per  experience, there was no symptom at all. It was a sudden horror in my life. It started at around 10:00 o’clock in the evening of July 15, 2008 from a tingling pain at the back of my left ear which I thought was just a tiny creature inside. The pain  turned out  more intense as the night deepened. Of course the rest was history. The morning after, I woke up with unimaginable appearance I  did not expect   to happen ever to me.

My first 2 months of Bell’s Palsy was completely a lifeless face. I say lifeless because I could not see the glow and any sign of recovery on my left face as it drooped drastically. Still, I was struggling to close my left eyelids, heavy tears regularly flew out, as if I was crying heavily too. I could not spew  water or even saliva out  from my mouth. No facial expression on the left for 2 months.

On the 3rd month, I decided to forgo steroid and electric shock therapy. I resorted then to alternative medication.  And you  know what was the reason? Money! I would have to spend all my monthly salary for expensive medications, and I could not really afford it. So I decided to look for  some alternatives.

Close to my fourth months, I observed little nerve movements on the lower portion of the  left cheek At first it appeared to be  erratic since there were moments  it ceased. But most of the times I could move the muscle to some extent. Just the same, I could not l close my eyes, still with saggy face and pulpy mouth. The muscle on my forehead contracted tightly for almost 3 months that I had to regularly apply hot compress solution with guava leaves boiled in water.

On my fifth months, that little but erratic muscle movements on my left cheek became obviously visible until I could significantly move the greater portion of the left face approaching the sixth month. Still, my left eyes remain to be watery and the muscle on the forehead contracted tightly. Hot compress solution with guava leaves and sea water massage on the affected side were done regularly at scheduled intervals. Occasionally in the morning I would submerge my whole body into the sea to let go of the stress.

Since I work 200 km away from my wife, I learned to manage my therapy chores alone almost every day. I did not have the choice but to force everything to survive from this challenge. It was a lonely task yet I had to develop a strong spirit.

On my seventh to eight months, I noticed that I could now spew  water out from my mouth. Indicating that the nerves  slowly recuperate every day unnoticed.  The tears had dramatically gone. But the uneven size of my left eyes remains. From then, every day I was trying to be very meticulous in observing every little new facial movements appearing. And these gradual developments continued until I reached my first anniversary on Bell’s Palsy. By that time, I could raise my eyebrows in complete coordination with each other. The muscle on the left had significantly improved and the saggy face had disappeared. However, my nose still curved a bit.

On my next write-up I will give you certain facial exercises to attain faster recovery from Bell’s Palsy. Watch out! 

God Bless Us!!!

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  1. hi!
    i suffered from bell´s palsy as well.
    i took some medications it it helped me, my face is somewhat back to normal but may eyebrows are still not kinda symmetrical..
    I´ll be waiting for your facial exercises..can you inform me, if you posted it already..

    salamat(thanks). =)

  2. hello.
    Thank you for your comment. My “Facial Exercises for Bells Palsy Patient” has been published already. Kamusta?

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