Staying Happy with Fibromyalgia

Staying happy with Fibromyalgia can be extremely difficult. Every day there are new road blocks and the possibility of leading a “normal” life seems to only get farther and farther away, but through all the bad things, happiness is still a very real possibility.

Staying happy with Fibromyalgia can be extremely difficult.  Every day there are new road blocks and the possibility of leading a “normal” life seems to only get farther and farther away.  It seems like new symptoms pop up every day and no one can figure out why you cry and why you get so distressed.  They have no idea how bad life with Fibromyalgia is and the bottom line is they probably never will, so you can’t rely on other people to make you happy.  You may have a few close friends or family members that understand Fibromyalgia enough to improve your mood on those bad days, but the rest you must seek out for yourself. 


That word becomes redundant after you’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  If you don’t hate the word yet, you will soon.  It’s hard to hear when the doctor tries to drill it in your head that you need to exercise daily, but they’re right.  I actually argued with my rheumatologist about it.  I didn’t understand how I could possibly exercise when I felt so bad all the time, but I did what he said and it helps.  I started walking every day for 10 to 15 minutes.  Not only did it help with the pain, but it improved my mood greatly.  I felt accomplished and it made me happy.  I stopped exercising during those very long winter months and I have definitely felt the difference.  I can’t wait to get back into my routine with these warmer temperatures. 

Support Groups and Online Forums

Talking with others who have Fibromyalgia is a great mood booster.  It’s such a great feeling when you read about or talk to someone who is experiencing the exact same symptoms as you.  You know how it is when you experience that new symptom and you run to search Google about it and there it is and lots of people just like you have experienced the exact same thing.  Every time I do that, I smile because I know that I’m not alone in this battle.

Stop the Denial

You can’t be happy if you’re in denial.  It’s hard to accept that you have a chronic illness, but staying in denial will only diminish your quality of life.  Stop the denial, educate yourself, and educate your family and friends.  The more you know about Fibromyalgia, the more you will be able to deal with it.  You begin to understand what’s happening to you and it just makes it so much easier to accept it.

You can be happy with Fibromyalgia.  This illness can open your eyes to endless possibilities.  It’s hard letting go of our old lives, but the new ones can be even better if we stay optimistic.  Be strong and be happy because you are not alone.

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