Stomach Upset: Smelly Black Soft Stools

Smelly black soft stools are a sign of stomach upset. Definitely something is wrong in there….that could be indication of cancerous diseases developing in the small or large intestines, etc. After some efforts, I managed to pass out normal emotion.

Smelly black soft stools is quite disturbing and a worrying, nuisance thing. When I first experienced blood in my stools, toilet bowl was like smearing with red paint. I care less about what had happened to my stomach system but some blood jetted out the moment the last stool ejected out concerned me so much. When it was first spotted, I thought that it was not a serious matter, just a matter of some damages or injuries due to ingestion of some hard food fragments. As time went by, blood continued to jet out after the last stool and that continued to bother me for months. I went for medical check-up but never taken any serious action to cure it apart from asking a  doctor to prescribe the best medicine that he has. Day after day, the stools were getting darker , as close to black and has weird smell….didn’t smell like a normal stool. What’s wrong, I thought. I was damned worry what’s the hack had happened to my stomach. And I became very worry when one of my older colleagues had passed away from colon cancer. I kept on thinking of how to cure it or else I would face the same fate as my colleague.

I was quite particular about balance diets and food supplements. I used to take food supplement. I took expensive food supplements available in the market, but I never continued to take them for life. Instead, I took other brands that I bought at much cheaper price. Thinking that my stomach was lack of fiber, I took some good vegetables, making juices and drank it as an alternative to food supplements, expecting that they were able able to cleanse my intestines. But there was still no improvement. I was getting worrier each day.

One day, I remembered about organic food sold through direct selling. I decided to give it a try. I bought some organic food that I believe could act like a fiber, and then I took enzyme product for stimulating some repairs. When I first consumed the organic, passing bowel was so easy and convenient. I could feel the cleaning effect. I got long stools but green in color due to the color of the organic. There was no blood after the first stool expulsed out. Well, I felt so good. I continued to eat organic and enzymes for months. However, in addition, I took good protein, for repairing some damages of the intestines or colon. Soon, the experience of blood and dark stools during the emotion were gone. I felt relief and getting healthier day after day.

With such effort, I got over my problem of blood and dark stool, and at last I got normal stools. I felt cure and healthy. Nothing effort is more valuable than taking good care of one’s health by eating good quality food. Food is something we cannot compromise for other good things. We are what we eat and we are what we think too. So, give our body a good product. Live in harmony with nature too. We cannot be too stingy with our stomach. Saving all we earn for cure at old age while depriving good thing since young may not a good thing to do or plan. Early prevention is better than cure.

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