Strange Phobias of Famous Personalities

To fear something is to have a phobia. According to a national survey, 86 percent of adults and 91 percent of youngsters are afraid of something. Nearly one in five adults also says they are scared of something more now than they were as a child. Even rich and famous personalities or celebrities have common, everyday fears just like the rest of us. Here is a list of such strange fears or phobias.


Fear of Cats. Famous persons like Augustus Caesar, Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, French General Napoleon Bonaparte, King Henry III of France and Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini have this fear.


Fear of spiders. Actress Wendy Richard, TV Comedian Phil Jupitus and Tennis star Andre Agassi

Aerophobia (Aviophobia)

Fear of Flying. Singer Aretha Franklin, actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Curtis, Bob Newhart and actresses like Cher, Florence Henderson, Glenda Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg, Science Fiction Author Ray Bradbury, Former US President Ronald Regan and Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali


Fear of going public places. Actress Kim Basinger, singer Aretha Franklin


Fear of thunder. Madonna


Fear of mirrors. Pamela Anderson


Fear of insects. Producer and Director Steven Spielberg


Fear of crowds. Actress Betty Grable and actor Robert Mitchum


Fear of clowns. Actors like Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliffe


Fear of butterflies. Actress Nicole Kidman


Fear of germs. Actress Joan Crawford, singer Michael Jackson and Millionaire Howard Hughes

Other Strange Phobias:

Ablutophobia: The fear of bathing.

Basophobia: The fear of walking.

Barophobia: The fear of gravity.

Cathisophobia: The fear of sitting.

Chronophobia: The fear of time.

Chrometophobia: The fear of money.

Chaetophobia: The fear of hair.

Cibophobia: The fear of food.

Clinophobia: The fear of going to bed.

Dendrophobia: The fear of trees.

Eleutherophobia: The fear of freeom.

Genuphobia: The fear of knees.

Geliophobia: The fear of laughter.

Gnosiophobia: The fear of knowledge.

Heliophobia: The fear of the sun.

Hedonophobia: The fear of feeling pressure.

Hypnophobia:The fear of sleep.

Ideophobia: The fear of ideas.

Kainophobia: The fear of anything new.

Lachanophobia: The fear of vegetables.

Logophobia: The fear of words.

Melophobia: The fear of music.

Mnemophobia: The fear of memories.

Nebulaphobia: The fear of fog.

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  1. There are so many new words to learn here, thanks Valli..

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  3. i never would have guessed the pamala anderson was afraid of mirrors :)

  4. Barbara Streisand has stage fright too. Very fascinating article.

  5. Alexa, it is really strange and thanks for the comment.

    Judy, Thank you for the information and comment.

  6. Valli, great list to post here! Thanks and take care!

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  8. So many phobias, so little time!

  9. thanks never new steven spielberg was scared of insects and madonna of thunder . how did you even find that out

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