Strawberries to Combat Multi Diseases


According to recent study on Akita, mice researchers found out that strawberries help them to combat diabetis and even alzemier’s disease. Straberries contain a flavonoid called Fistine which is helpful to protect neurons in brain and as well fight against type one diabetis, also called childhood onset diabetis.

Reasearchers at Salk Institute for biological Studies have proved that strawberry is rich in Fistine like red berries. Daily 37 strawberries helped the mice to combat diabetis and helped to mice for neuron protection. The Researchers obsend brain levels of sugars affixed to protiens known as advanced glycation end – products were reduced in fistine treated compared to untreated Akita mice.

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  1. great information I like strawberries but don’t eat them enough

  2. Very good information. I like frozen strawberries but testest freshones, go figure. I also love strawberry yogurt and other strawberry flavored foods.

  3. Strawbarries have many great values, but it just amazes me how many uses they have.

  4. Very good information.

  5. Its a great information, indeed.

  6. i like

  7. Thanks to nature, and I love strawberries.

  8. Glad to hear this as I am great strawberry fan!However, we should wash it correctly before consuming as it can transfer toxoplasmosis….

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