Suffocating While We Sleep

Sleep Apnea, is a slow process of suffocation, which occurs while we sleep.

Suffocating While We Sleep

            Many individuals suffocate while they are sleeping, some wake up and some never do. Ninety eight (98%) percent of those with this serious medical condition that do wake don’t recall that they suffocated many times during the night, usually several times an hour. Scary but this is all too common and this dreadful disease is called Sleep Apnea, which has been quoted by the New England Journal of Medicine as being just as dangerous as cigarette smoking.

            Scary but true millions of people throughout the world go to bed, and actually stop breathing, they suffocate; their oxygen levels can drop to less than 50 percent, normal is about 96-98 percent. While the breathing stops the heart starts pumping faster to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

            So let us look at the whole picture, you stop breathing; while your heart rate has doubled, this can’t be good and it is not. The hardest thing to comprehend is that usually the person doesn’t even know it has occurred; sometimes several times a minute.

            Most people wake up exhausted, unable to stay focused on daily tasks throughout the day, Sleep Apnea can cause a stroke, heart attack, headaches, and mood swings just to name a few. A person sleeping with a person with sleep apnea will note that their partner is stirring and will appear to be gasping for air; this is the time to suggest speaking to ones primary doctor, they are in fact gasping for air.

 You can get tested, and given the proper equipment to help keep you breathing throughout the night, many patients report that after several weeks of using the machine they feel more rested and alert the next day.


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  1. Yes, this is quite scary and most people don’t realize how serious a condition it really is. Excellent article.

  2. This is an import piece of information because people are suffering from it and don’t realize it. Very nicely written article. Thank you .

  3. My eldest daughter suffers from this condition and had her driving license taken of her, till she was considerd OK too drive by her Doctor. She would wake up exhausted in the morning, and they thought there was a danger she could fall asleep while driving.
    It is a very serious condition.

  4. nice share – gj

  5. A deviated nasal septum is often the cause, and can adjusted through surgery. Snoring is often the indicator of a possible Sleep Apnea condition.

  6. Nice Share.


  7. It is a terrible condition but not a disease really.

  8. great share

  9. I agree, this condition is a cause of alarm.

  10. Nice one.

    Thanks for share.

  11. First time to hear Sleep Apnea. Learn new things. Thanks for sharing.

  12. that is scary, suffocating while sleeping. I had that when I was a small kid, I have very high fever and I woke up grasping for air. I was real scared that time.

  13. Another great share Elizabeth cheers

  14. we never stop learning

  15. I’ve been using a sleep machine to control my sleep apnea for the last three years. Before that it was interfering with my truck driving and I did not know why.
    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milton

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