Symptoms of BHP | BHP Symptoms

Most patients with BPH require medical attention when distressing urinary symptoms appear:

- Often there is a feeling of discomfort (burning, discomfort) during sexual mictional called dysuria
- Polachiurie day and night (frequent urination during the day and night) with the disease men start to urinate at night
- Modified urinary jet – thanks ingreunarii urine elimination by “obstruction of the urethra,” progressively decreases as the amount of urine the bladder no longer has the ability to push urine through the Strait of prostate growth made
- Imperiozitate mictionala
- Fatigue, sleep disruption due to be installed, people who do not rest properly nocturia 
- Presence of residual bladder urine infection favors.

Evolution of symptoms can be classified into three clinical stages:
- Premonitory phase disorder characterized by moderate disorders of urination
- Phase of stagnation without bladder distention – installs polachiuria especially the night.Dysuria is worse, this loss accompany the force of urine stream, difficulty in initiating urination and prolongation of urination, additional contraction of abdominal muscle
- Phase of stagnation with bladder distention – the current symptoms are associated imperiozitate mictionala with involuntary loss of urine, feeling influenced subsequent signs of renal failure installation.
In terms of clinical prostate adenoma is a disease with slow evolution with periods of exacerbations and remissions sometimes.

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