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Tea health & delightful drink for Diabetics…and the woman behind this…"HALIYA BANABA TEA"

Haliya Banaba Tea is made from carefully chosen mature leaves of the Banaba tree (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.,) which grows wild in the Philippines.

It has been used in the country since ancient times because of its observed therapeutic effects on various ailments especially for diabetes and including kidney and urinary problems..

These traditional health benefits were confirmed by scientific studies in the US, Japan and the Philippines

It was shown that banaba contains colosolic acid which serves as the glucose transport activator responsible for reducing blood sugar level..


1. Reduces blood sugar levels and improves pancreas digestion.

2. Cleanses body system and improves digestion

3. Is diuretic and gives relief to kidney and urinary problems..UTI etc..

4. Helps weight control

5. Contains colosolic acid which has insulin-like properties

6. All naturals with no added preservatives

7. Caffeine-free

We are committed to provide high quality herbal health tea at an affordable price to as many people as possible both young and old, so that they may enjoy the pleasant and smoothing effects of the tea benefit from its healthful properties.

Haliya Enterprise pioneered in the Philippines the blending of traditional banaba and lagundi herbal teas with a hint of another herb known for its exotic flavor and aroma with its own healthful benefits. Thus, Haliya teas have pleasant  taste and aroma with its own benefits are soothing to drink and promote a general well being and comfort.

The founder of Haliya is a Chemical Engineer, and an economist. She has been a diabetic for the last 25 yrs, As a diabetic she a had difficulty in findings a suitable beverage that will not aggravate her ailment, She learned about the leaves of Banaba as a traditional herbal medicine for diabetes practiced in the Philippines since ancient times, but the concoction does not have a pleasant taste, which led her to develop and formulate a flavourful and aromatic brew, now known as Haliya Tea. As she shared her tea with friends and as testimonials on the efficacy of the tea grew, she started to receive orders for her tea. She and her husband, an agriculturist, decided to put up Haliya Enterprises,

Together with their children, They set-up Haliya Enterprises.  Her sister a professor of Languages lent her the name “Haliya”- the local name of a legendary goddess of fertility, beauty and health


What is  a DIABETES?

Diabetes – is a metabolic disease wherein the body cannot produce insulin, or the insulin is deficient. The body needs insulin to convert food into energy, which the body uses to stay alive.



Heart Disease & Stroke


Nerve Damage


Kidney Damage


Who are at Risk?

Person with the following:

1.Obese or overweight

2.A family history of diabetes

3.Lack of exercise

4.High cholesterol level

5.Often stressed out

6.Habitual smoker

7.Gave birth to a baby weighing more than 9lbs(4kg.) or have an increased blood sugar level at   pregnancy


Symptons of Diabetes

Frequent urination


Blurring of vision


Wounds that do not easily heal, particularly in the feet or toes

Sudden drop in body weight

Numbness/tingling sensation in fingers or toes


Managing Diabetes

1. Change to a low-fat, high-fiber diet with plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables.

2. Take suppliments such as Haliya Banaba Tea to help manage your blood sugar level.

3. Reduce and maintain body weight to normal level.

4. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily.

5. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

6.Have a regular check-up and monitoring of blood sugar level.

Our Haliya Tea has a pleasant taste and aroma which makes different from other Banaba teas available in the market….


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  1. seems wonderful. donot know where can i get it.. probably i get benefit out of this. let me know the availability of this product pl.

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