Teas for Hemorrhoids

Black tea of comfrey, dandelion or witch hazel prevent constipation and diarrhea, reduce inflammation and pain and heal wounds.

Causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids

A person may suffer of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids as well. Untreated, this condition can lead to rectal bleeding, itching and severe pain. Hemorrhoids usually occur because of high pressure on the veins of the anus when we sit too long on the seat or suffer from severe coughing.

Other causes of hemorrhoids are low diets in fiber, constipation, diarrhea, obesity, or carrying heavy objects.

Hemorrhoids Symptoms include bloody stools, varicose veins, itching and pain. These symptoms can be relieved with warm water baths and various herbs and teas for hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids

In market there are many natural preparations that rapidly heal this condition. In severe cases, your doctor may recommend oral medications, suppositories and ointments. In some cases, may also be required surgical removal of hemorrhoids.

The benefits of tea for hemorrhoids

If you’re not advocate drugs, suppositories or ointments to relieve symptoms and healing just try a cure for hemorrhoids herbal teas.

Hemorrhoid teas contain tannins, powerful natural substances that help heal this condition. Also, tannins have astringent properties that help repair tissue of the anus.

Active substances in the tea helps reduce irritation of hemorrhoids, constipation and inflammation.

Tea for hemorrhoids

Black tea. Black tea is one of the most effective teas for hemorrhoids. It is rich in tannins and antioxidants that help relieve the painful symptoms of hemorrhoids. This tea can be used both for daily consumption and for sitz baths.

Tea Witch Hazel.  It can be used for local packs and help reduce pain in the anus.

Comfrey tea. Comfrey tea is a natural remedy to treat common diseases. Contains tannins, which are very effective in treating and curing hemorrhoids. Used in external compresses, comfrey tea heal wounds and reduce inflammation.

Dandelion tea. This tea helps cleanse the liver and stimulate bile function. Proper functioning of bile prevents constipation and diarrhea, risk factors for hemorrhoids.

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