Technique in Weight Training

Technique in weight training is very important for achieving the expected progress, but also for protecting the body of the sportsman. The first important thing is to learn correctly the basic movements.

Technology in weight training is very important in order to achieve the expected progress, but also to protect the body of an athlete. The first important thing to get right, the basic movements.

When should this type of learning is a kind of classic series of exercises, the athletes from the beginning to master. This set includes exercises with free weights (dumbbells and bars). While training with the movement of any machine. In carrying out unsupervised fitness coach, is it possible that these movements in the wrong direction, a situation the risk of accidents increases, many are performed.
One of the most common errors incorrect position of the spine. Some exercises (bench press, barbell curls) can complete an exaggeration, but (bow sitting, dead lift, squats, etc.) contain other unnecessary curves (kneeling).
This deformity can lead to unwanted stress has on the spine, knees and shoulders. In addition, they can focus efforts on other muscle groups than we thought. The result is that neither of them are well trained, since no exercises for certain muscles are properly observed. In such situations, the athlete will feel just exhausted all of his body and not in a position to direct and localize the efforts in an area that particularly exercises are to be mobilized.

Another example of wrong technique swinging over the top for exercises that are not needed, the dynamics. This happens most frequently, while increasing the weight of work on the side of the deltoid muscle, the athlete bends his knees and incorrect uses of lumbar muscles, the spine curves too much.
Other errors are made to catch bars. In the circumstances of the case, for example, and press the back of the neck (shoulder) are too narrow, the catch shoulder treatment of non-physiological site and stressed that the position. Salary leaning forward during the squat, the spine is to make, to emphasize at the same time reducing the thigh below the horizontal position of the menisci.

Boating on the flexed position and numbering should be abolished back in the extension, otherwise the risk of disc herniation may seem. Do not use the seat belt when lifting very heavy weights can be determined herniated disc, but hernia or rupture of the abdominal muscles.

Breathing must be understood correctly. Inhalation rather than exhalation can be blocking or breast on the athletes a lot. As a general rule, an athlete must breathe in the most difficult part of the movement in a controlled and must return the situation to breathe. Apnea (blocking the chest) should only be used when lifting heavy and very heavy weights, otherwise it is not be justified. If you have an aerobic effort, you need a special breathing rhythm, tempo, which can be dependent on heart rate and breathing.

All these examples support the idea that a fitness trainer in the learning process is essential.

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