The Benefit of Yogurt

Yogurt has many advantages for our body.

The content of the good bacteria in yogurt is not only profitable but also can slim down digestion to beautify the skin. Check out what’s on offer yogurt for our health.

1. Brighten skin Yogurt is one of the natural ingredients in the fridge that we can use to treat the face. “Yogurt contains lactic acid, a component which is also often used in chemical peeling products,” says dermatologist Hema Sundaram. Masker yogurt can be used to peel the top layer of the epidermis gently. When done regularly to avoid skin of pimples, black spots, and even prevent acne. For best results, mix 1 cup of yogurt with 2-3 drops of olive oil and then rubbed on the face. Allow 20 minutes then rinse.

2. Environmentally friendly cleaning Make your metal goods more shine with yogurt. The content of lactic acid in yogurt is quite effective at removing stains.

3. Healthy Digestive Probiotics (good bacteria) in yogurt have been proven to be healthy microflora in the gut. To get the health benefits of probiotics, make sure your favorite yogurt product contains at least one million colony forming units (CFUs) of bacteria alive.

4. Prevent hypertension other healthy reasons to eat yogurt regularly is to prevent heart disease. Special protein in the yogurt and the amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium it is useful to prevent high blood pressure.

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