The Best Prevention of Prostate Cancer? Regular Exercise and Sex

Sex is in everyone’s life can be very important. Regular and frequent lovemaking is very beneficial to the male prostate. But even without the gentlemen partner is not afraid of a malignant tumor of the prostate gland, just be regular day cum masturbation. And especially for your daily workout. Regular exercise does increase the chances of surviving prostate cancer twice.

Rakovinu prostaty je třeba zachytit včas

Regular exercise several times a week has a positive effect on overall human health, but recently also been shown to reduce to half the risk of death from prostate cancer in men. If men want to avoid the disease completely, then the sport has paid what most intensively. In particular, defense and vigorous exercise helps reduce the risk by 60 percent.

“This is good news for men who have prostate cancer and who have to decide what lifestyle they adopt to increase their chances of survival of the malignant disease,” said Dr. Stacey Kenfieldová from Harvard University.

Apart from intensive regular exercise It is also beneficial to regular sexual activity. Men, according to the Harvard study had other run ending sex orgasm and ejaculation for at least five times a week. Only then, after fifty years of life will have about half the lower probability of prostate cancer than men who engage in sex only once in a week or even less frequently.

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