The Cause of The Fever Should be Treated Instead of Treating Fever Itself

The resistance power of the body could be paralyzed due to constant attacks of diseases

Whether a person is victimized of Typhoid, Pneumonia, Catarrh, T.B. or due to any reason he has developed fever, his normal temperature remains at 98.6 F.H. or 37 o C. All the germs nourished well at this temperature. Therefore, whenever the germs of Malaria, Typhoid, Catarrh, Pneumonia, T.B. or germs of any other disease are found in kidneys or in the shape of intestine’s inflammation, then the needle of Thermostat (system of controlling temperature in the human brain) changed from normal 98.6 F.H to 101 F.H, 102 F.H. or till 106 F.H. and the excretion of heat rises in the human body and heat wastage controlling system (means perspiration stops) come into action that means the human friend, fever come to help him so that the nourishment of germs could be stopped in the presence of high temperature and the spread of the disease could be stopped.

The rise of temperature in the human body depends on the quantity of germs and on the toxins they produced. The more they are, the more intense would be the fever. But 106 F.H. fever can become the cause of human death. Normally more than 103 F.H or 104 F.H. can also be fatal, whereas in below 7 years old children, the 101 F.H. or 102 F.H fever is also considered quite high.

If fever rises in children they start receiving fits because due to their small body composition, in spite of having low external body temperature, the internal temperature is high. Since the covering of brain veins is thin, the rising temperature further heat up the brain and fits start appearing. That’s why in summer season bandages of fresh water, usage of fan, A.C. cool places do not allow temperature to rise, whereas in winter season body should be covered at minimum in case of fever, this will make the temperature to fall down. Then afterwards usage of medicines for keeping the temperature normal not only kills the germs but also eliminate the fever.

Falling of fever temporarily again and again, especially due to perspiration is not a good indication but when perspiration evaporates, the body temperature falls down. However, with the water shortage possibilities in the body, the risk of repeating fever remains there that can also lead to weakness.

In fever condition, when a person breathes air out of lungs, it is hot that makes the nose and mouth dry, thus increasing the thirst feeling. Patient develops a misconception that medicine is hot that’s why he is feeling like that. According to the health experts, the cause of the fever should be treated instead of treating fever itself.

The diagnosis of an expert therapist, his prescribed medicine, advised precautions and with the God’s favor patient gets recovered soon. There may be many reasons of fever at the same time. Sometimes, shortage of blood also do not allow fever to fall down soon and sometime patient gets recovered from one disease that another disease attacks him, which makes the fever remains intact for long. This condition makes the patient unconscious and he complains constantly that he is not feeling relief.

The best therapist of children is their mothers or people with whom they are passing their lives. With the help of these therapists, doctors can reach to the bottom of the disease. Sometimes, regular tests are required in case of complex diseases. The treatment starts but many patients do not engulf medication with a thought that they will take it after the reports. But the worth mentioning thing is that if they have to take medicines after the reports then why medicines were prescribed before the reports.

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