The Dangers of Human Bites and Why Bite Victims Need to Seek Treatment Immediately

We quite often take human bites less seriously because we assume that humans bites are not poisonous. It is important to note that Human bites are more deadly than we often think, infact, a human bite could kill you.

Human beings are omnivorous, meaning that they eat many different food types including plants and animal flesh. The type of foods humans eat makes our mouth a home to 500 different bacteria and viruses which although thriving as harmless organisms in our mouth, could easily turn very lethal when transferred from the mouth to other parts of the body through a bite.

Much as the more urgent problem with a human bite is the resultant pain and bleeding, we need to realize that  the other immediate danger from a human bite are infections from the mouth such as tetanus. There are people who have had to live with the shock of amputations resulting from human bites because they ignored treatment.

Human bite Management

1. Wash the affected area with soap and running water for at least three minutes and apply a bandage to stop the bleeding.

2. Rush the the bite victim to the nearest medical centre or clinic where a tetanus shot should be administered especially if the person had not had a tetanus shot in the past 5 years.

3. Treat the bite with antibiotics to ward off bacterial germs.

4. Carry out tests on the person who did the biting for such infections as HIV and Hepatitis germs. Should the offender be found positive, then there  is need to quickly carry out preventive treatment with Post exposure prophylaxis drugs to reduce the chances of infecting the victim of the bite.

5. Even with the best treatment, the victim of a human bite has to look out for swelling, pus formation or pain, in case the infection appears later and unexpectedly.

Never take a human bite lightly because it is more deadly than you think.

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  1. This was very informative. You are right! People can get tetanus from the bite of the same being. We really need to be careful. This is a very nice share, and hope that your article will educate more people about human bites.

  2. Very helpful well written information!

  3. Ouch! is all I’ll say cheers

  4. this is an eye opener — ppl shouldnt be biting!

  5. This was very informative. It is important to make sure that you take care of bites. Thanks for the tips on what to do when you do get bitten.

  6. Human bites sound very serious.

  7. well written. It’s an eye opener for human biters

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