The Dangers of Kissing for Our Health

As long as we think that kissing is often no negative impact, but this article will explain some fact for us.

As long as we think that kissing is often no negative impact, but this article will explain some fact for us.
As long as we think that kissing is often no negative impact, the kiss was good for our health but when something must be done by way of excessive unhealthy results, such as Kissing Disease, the official name of this disease is Infectious Mononucleiosis. The disease is caused by a virus Cytomelago. The virus is found in the salivary glands, urine, cervical mucus, semen, breast milk, and blood. In addition to passing kissing, disease transmission can also be through organ transplants, blood donor, labor, and oral sex.
It is known that this virus sekerabat with Herpes Virus latent in the human body. Almost all adults have visited this virus, usually when they were teenagers.
In America, the virus is common in young men aged 16-18 years, and young women 14-16 years of age or average at the age between 15-25 years. Is estimated as at that age young people begin to kiss activities.
Symptoms that occur are usually flu-like symptoms, including fever, bad taste in the throat, often sleepy, and so forth. But this phenomenon takes place in the longer term, which is about two weeks. And without realizing it, the people with liver and spleen to swell.
To find out if a person suffering from this disease or not, need to do a blood test called TORCH. TORCH stands for Toxoplasma, Rubella, Cytomelago, and Herpes.

If there are parts of the brain cells die, then attack the motor part of the brain, so that this can lead to paralysis. In the case of paralysis, may not necessarily happen just like that. Typically, this phase occurs slowly.
In addition Cytomegalo Virus, there are other viruses that could potentially be transmitted through kissing, among others, Epstein-Barr Virus, Herpes Virus-6, Hepatitis Virus, Parasite Toxoplasma, and transmitting HIV AIDS virus itself.
Cytomegalo Virus, Herpes-6, and Toxoplasma, in addition to threatening the owner of the virus, it can also threaten the child in the womb. This is only if the mother is suffering from the virus while pregnant. Child in the womb are at risk of heart abnormalities, defects, deafness, hydrocephalus, and even death or miscarriage.Therefore, every mother who is pregnant the fetus is highly recommended to perform blood tests TORCH.
Although the virus is extremely dangerous and can kill the fetus, but this virus is generally not to kill an adult. But lately it feared this virus can lead to damage of the coronary arteries. Also some kind of virus that can lead to coronary heart disease. In addition, it was found also that the virus has the potential to cause cancer of lymph nodes (lymphoma).
There is no reliable antivirus to cure this virus. The only way to be done to cure this disease is a total rest and restore our immune system to fight the virus itself. And the period of healing, patients are prohibited from kissing the child, a wife, let alone foreigners.

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