The Enemy: Insomnia – Causes and Some Sleeping Remedies

It’s happened to most of us; a night when we just cannot sleep. But for some it’s more than that, it’s regular sleeping problems night after night. In this article you’ll find some causes and sleep solutions to help you fall asleep fast. Just know this – you’re not up alone and it shouldn’t last long.

About Insomnia: Trouble falling asleep is not ’just’ trouble falling asleep. It’s something that can change our daily lives and personalities; it can affect our relationships and our jobs. A good night’s sleep is so important to our good health and happiness that a continued lack of it can actually shorten our lives, as shown in a recent Harvard study. 

Common causes of insomnia can be:

Temporary pain

Body processes


Stressful events

Emotional stress

Disturbances in sleep hygiene or environmental factors

Disturbances in sleep routine and body clock (circadian rhythm)

More Chronic Insomnia Causes

There are a variety of common medical reasons that someone can’t sleep, and unfortunately, the remedies for those reasons can cause sleep loss, too. Some of the illnesses that may require the use of one of those types of medicines are as follows:

Acid reflux





Heart disease


Depression and depressive illnesses are frequently associated with sleep disturbances. Anxiety, the inability to relax, bipolar, panic and other psychiatric disorders all report sleep loss symptoms, and treatments for these are often for the underlying medical condition and are not geared toward offering relief from the sleep loss. Some of the treatments are listed below.

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)




Central nervous system stimulants








Sleeping Problems Broken Into Categories

Sleep deprivation is usually broken into two categories; behavioral strategies for sleep inititiation and medication. The first one, behavioral strategies, implements sleep restriction, or using the bedroom for sleep and nothing else. The bedroom can be a source of stress if too many hours are spent unable to sleep in it. Restrict all other use so that the brain only associates the bedroom with sleep, nothing else.

If you’ve spent the last 25 minutes in bed and you haven’t fallen asleep yet, don’t keep lying there. Get up and do something else, something that calms you, like, painting on a canvas or reading. Watching TV isn’t good because it’ll make you lose even more sleep. You have to pay attention to it to follow the show and it can wake you up even more. Plus, you may want to see the end of the show, too, further decreasing the amount of sleep you could get.

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