The Five Most Dangerous Diseases to Humans

Maybe the most dangerous diseases to humans.

The survival of mankind has historically seen as a key part in the development of the species.There have been many dangers that threaten human beings, including the 5 most dangerous diseases to humans.

- AIDS.Scientifically known as Syndrome Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is one of the most STDs dangerous and common. In Addition AIDS can be infected by drug use, especially by sharing needles. This disease is wiping out your defenses.


- Alzheimer’s. It’s a terrible disease. I do not know if it will be the most dangerous, but I think it’s one that we most fear humans.Think that gradually we will lose the memory stick to almost like a vegetable … it is a fact that may distress to more than one. Moreover, we can consider it as a mysterious disease because they are not very well known source.

- Hepatitis B. Is a liver disease that causes the liver to gradually stop working. We understand it as a chronic disease, which is precisely to be chronic, is difficult to bear. That is, you will damage your liver slowly.

- Cancer. We can say that stress and diabetes are epidemics of the twenty-first century.  Well, cancer does not stay behind, and I daresay that even the disease of greatest concern to humans.

- Osteoporosis. In general, any bone disease is dangerous and that bones are the structure that holds us upright.

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  1. Well done, and well illustrated, too.

  2. Instead of Osteoporosis, Typhoid should have been included

  3. I think Rabies is also a dangerous disease.

  4. it was a good post……

  5. Is tuberculosis not dangerous ?

  6. thnx 4 da answers

  7. Excellent work. Alzheimer’s illustration is the best.

  8. 5 death

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