The HPV Deception

Police, doctors, pastors, teachers….all are people we have been taught to trust because of thier expertice in their profession. Makes sense, right? Well, let’s investigate the HPV situation, just to see if there is some vital information we have not been given.

The HPV Deception!!

Put down the Gardasil and quickly back away


The medical community has educated the public (Did I say educated?, I meant fooled) to believe that HPV causes cervical Cancer. This has given birth to the sudden “need” for women of all ages to be given a shot of the popular medicine called Gardasil. This is a myth I have desired to discuss for quite some time now. Let’s tackle it on two fronts.

First, does HPV absolutely cause cervical Cancer? Is it accurate to tell a woman that if she has the slightest sign of cervical cancer then she must absolutely have HPV also? The simple truth is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

For example, let’s consider the story of my amazing significant other. A few years ago my wife, Shae, visited her Dr. for a routine OBGYN exam. The Dr. discovered “pre-cancerous cells” and proceeded to diagnose her with HPV. The automatic medical assumption is that if a woman has cervical cancer then she must, without a doubt, also have HPV. Shae was devastated, upset and of course scared. Not only was she told she had a possibly fatal cancer inside her but the news of having HPV was equally scary and also embarrassing. Imagine the thoughts that rush through a woman’s mind when she first hears this news; “Should I still have kids in the future?”; “Will I find someone to marry me with this sexually transmitted disease?” This news is life-changing on all fronts. So many facets of a woman’s life are affected by news like this, but is it necessary? Let’s continue with our story, and you tell me.

After the news finally sunk in, Shae started doing research into the usual treatment and outcome of having HPV. Eventually she found herself on and, not long after, she found some very revealing information. What she found was that there were hundreds of women who were diagnosed by their doctors as HPV positive, however, it was later discovered that these women did NOT have HPV at all. Is this a simple case of misdiagnoses? No, it was a bit more….interesting….than that. She discovered that doctors were diagnosing their patients with this disease without conducting an actual HPV test.

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