The Importance of Prostate Massage

Keep an open mind. Learn about the benefits of prostate massage and how to do it. :D .

Many mens lives have been cut short by prostate cancer and younger men should be aware that there is something that can be done to decrease their chance of having this disease. One of which is the prostate massage. Are you familiar with the term?If you are not, then let me share my knowledge with you. Prostate massage is a healthy and safe way for men to reach orgasm, this is well known among doctors and patients who are paraplegic. Paraplegic is a term which means that the lower part of the body has been paralyzed. At 75, men are at risk of acquiring prostate cancer and it has been proven that massaging the prostate decreases the chances of having this kind of cancer. A normal orgasm usually leaves residues which could be the reason of having prostate cancer. In order to clean the prostate, you have to perform the prostate massage. You could either do it by yourself or have someone do it for you. Whatever suits you.

Let us first tackle the main character of prostate massage, the prostate. This is an important gland in the male body. Located near the bladder and could be accessed through the rectum. Though small in size, this gland must not be looked down upon because of its very important function which is to release the alkaline fluid which is needed by the sperm in order to survive the acidic walls of the vagina.  If not for this gland, the sperm would die and not be able to reach the ovaries to start the process of fertilization.

As I have mentioned earlier, prostate massage is a technique used for medical purposes but here’s the catch. Not only does prostate massage help you be healthy, it could also serve as a point of pleasure. You just have to know how to use it ti your advantage. How is it done? If this is the first time you would do this, be ready for some awkward moments. Prostate massage is done by inserting the finger through the rectum. You will be able to reach the prostate by this method and once you feel a bump, it means that you have reached it and you could start massaging it gently. Make sure to have your nails clipped and clean before you insert it. If you are not comfortable with using your fingers, you could always use an adult toy such as the prostate massager. Be very careful in massaging the prostate because it is full of nerves. The sense of wanting to urinate is normal because the prostate is located near the bladder, ergo, the sensation. Do not expect to have an orgasm at once because this method requires practice. Once you get used to the doing it, you would then be able to enjoy the prostate massage. If you don’t favour the idea of using your fingers, you could always use adult toys such as the prostate massager. For added comfort, you also have the option of using a lubricant. It doesn’t matter what way you like to do it, what matters is that you are comfortable with doing the act itself. Yes I know that this act may sound taboo but if it could save your life someday, don’t you think it would be worth it?

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