The Lazarus Pill Brings Magic

It was by mistake that this magic working of a very well knows sleeping tablet was discovered!

Sienie Viljoen never could have ever though that when she gave this tablet, to her comatose son thirteen years ago, that it might initiated the beginning of a miracle tablet. The sleeping tablet, Stilnox, have been used for years for insomnia. Sienie was stunned when her son woke up last month, after using the tablet for five years.d

A local News Paper reported about this incident last month, where upon  Nomfundo Nqinana insisted that her husband’s sceptical doctors give him a tablet a day. Five days later, he woke up asking for his son.

That that the pill not only worked for people with brain injuries, but also people suffers from other brain conditions too.  Dr Cival Mills, who suffers from locked-in syndrome after a crippling brain stem stroke he suffered following a car accident. He was started on ½ tablets Stilnox and after 40minute, he was speaking for the first time in 40 years!

It seems like the tablet can repair damaged and dormant brain cells. Although there have been many more reordered cases where this tablet has done magic healing, the researchers  warns that there is still  research to be done on the tablet.

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  1. Good work thank you for sharing.

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