The Most Bizarre Sexual Disorders

List of unusual sexual disorders.

One of the most interesting topics people love to discuss is sex. Sex is the activity or phenomena of life concerned with sexual desire or reproduction or the character of being male or female.

Here’s a list of some of the most unusual sexual disorders.

Thanatophilia or Necrophilia

Necrophilia is the abnormal sexual attraction of a person to dead bodies or death. A person who has a morbid attraction, usually of an erotic nature, to corpse is called a necrophile.


Fetishism is a belief that an object has certain power or it is symbolically endowed with special meaning, especially that of a beloved person. The attraction of an object is associated with libido gratification and sexual desire.


The word Somnophilia is from Latin “somnus” which means sleep and Greek word “-philia” meaning love. Somnophilia, also called sleeping princess syndrome or Sleeping Beauty syndrome, is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal and/or orgasm are stimulated by intruding on and awakening a sleeping stranger with erotic caresses, but not with force or violence.


Masochism is a sexual perversion in which pleasure is derived from physical or psychological pain inflicted upon another; or being abused; any pleasure obtained from the abuse of another which gives sexual gratification to the recipient. (After Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, an Austrian novelist, who described this condition.)


Sadism is a pathological condition in which pleasure is derives from inflicting physical or psychological pain on others. It is a perversion or sexual deviation when it is necessary to inflict pain upon another in order to obtain sexual gratification. (After Comte Donatien de Sade: with reference to the various sexual aberrations described in his writings.)


Sadomasochism is a condition in which sadism and masochism are combined in one person.


Erotomania is abnormal, unrestrained libido or a morbid propensity to love or make love; uncontrollable sexual desire. It is the opposite of erotophobia which is an aversion to sexual love.


Exhibitionism is an abnormal compulsion to expose the genitals to the opposite sex.


Nymphomania is an abnormal and excessive need for sexual intercourse in females; a morbid and ungovernable sexual desire in women.


Satyriasis is an exaggerated sexual desire in males or morbid lasciviousness in males.


Sodomy is a carnal copulation between male persons or with beast; unnatural sexual intercourse; anal intercourse. (After Sodom, to whose people this practice was imputed.)


Transvestism is the condition of finding sexual pleasure by wearing clothing appropriate to the opposite sex.


Pedophilia is an abnormal condition of finding sexual pleasures in children. A person who chooses children as his/her sex object is a pedophile.


Incest is a sexual intercourse between close blood relations like father and daughter, grandfather and granddaughter, brother and sister, and in rare cases, mother and son.


Triorchidism is a male having three testes.


Gymnophobia is the unusual aversion to looking at a naked body.


Narcissism is sexual excitement or gratification derived from contemplation of the self.


Eonism is sexual perversion, as in transvestism of the male.


Frottage is a sexual gratification by rubbing against a person of the opposite sex.


Onanism/ Coitus interruptus is the withdrawal during intercourse before ejaculation. (After Onan. see Gen. 38-9)


Gynephobia is an aversion to female companionship.


Gynecomania is an abnormal sexual desire in the males.


Agonad is an individual without sex gland.


Infecundity – sterility in women.


Apandria is an aversion to men.


Misogyny is an aversion to women, it is an opposed to philogyny which is the fondness for or devotion to women.


Zonesthesia – having the sensation of constrictions, as by a girdle.


Hermaphroditic – having both sexes in one individual.

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  1. Interesting Complication of work here. Well Done. A bit sickening but you did a good job none the less

  2. A very gratifying read. Thanks kababayan.

  3. They are definitions whether we know them or not and believe it or not but there are such people out there. It’s where these definitions are derived from that make such a difference and to think that the greeks came up with that kind of word “Paedophile” not only makes me sick but makes you think twice about their culture and their own origination. The word “Greek” comes from the word Greco which means in Egyptian thief.
    Nobert, you always come up trumps in your articles.

  4. I don’t mean to offend anyone either, but the eccentricity of it and their language will freak you out if you understand it.

  5. A pure example is the word “Triorchidism”, as Nobert has described it as above. A man with three testes? That’s outrageous and I think that language is on an ego trip itself.

  6. Lots of complicated words here. I’m not sure about your definition of narcissism. I didn’t think that it had anything to do with sex – just being obsessed with oneself. I could be wrong.

    Also, could you check the spelling of phidophilia (paedophilia). Is this a different spelling?

  7. Whoever said that we are all different wasn’t kidding.

  8. There is a word for everything. Some of these I had not heard. I learned somehing new today.

  9. Nobert,

    You never let me down. That was an interesting article. Some I knew, other I didn’t. Well written. How did you come up with the idea? I never would have thought about this subject. Looking forward to your next work.

  10. We can learn these facts in Psychology,nice article,bro!Write more about this kind of topic!

  11. great article buddy, well done.

  12. oh my goodness, you really are a fountain of knowledge, congratulations on a very interesting and informative article.
    thank you for sharing.

  13. very interesting… I remember helping my sister studying for her Phsyche exam and the teacher for every question said ‘Barney loves sex, to get sexual arousal he has to fondal woman’s shoes. What kind of disorder does he have?” He went through a lot of them… I just remember rolling in the car because we were all laughing so much

  14. Thank goodness that some things are kept private!

  15. Nobert,
    The American spelling for Phidophilia is Pedophilia and a person that engages in sex with a child is called a Pedophile. The spelling Anne Lyken-Garner gave is also correct. If I’m not mistaken I believe the brittish spell it the way she has it spelled. I’ve been doing research on this subject in order to write an article about it. Some of this I knew, and the rest I didn’t know. You’ve written several good articles, and like them, this is a very informative article. Great work.


  16. thank you all,i appreciate your support very much

  17. While some of these are in fact disorders, not all of them are. Many of the isms you listed, as well as sodomy, are simply sexual preferences, and are not in fact a sexual disorder. As long as they are performed consensually with other adults and both (or all) parties enjoy, then there is nothing wrong with sado-masochism, sodomy, or transvestitism, for instance. Sodomy couldn’t possibly be a disorder as it is a behavior as opposed to an attribute of a person. Please be careful when trying to educate others.

  18. …So sad… Anna Ski. It is obvious that you are uneducated, at least on the particular sections of culture, medicine(disorders),history etc. Firstly, Greeks officially are named Hellines,Greece-Hellas and so on(open a dictionary before you come to your conclusions). Secondly, “Greeks” didnt “came up” with anything, but pointed a term to a bizzare phenomenon, for medicine, which fortunantely they “came up” with, invented I would say, do some research about Hippocrates and you will understand. Also the fact that someone puts a name on a condition doesnt mean that his wholle race is practicing or saffer by the specific condition. Please dont be so prejudice and try to open your range of “thinking” and as said inside here becarefull when you educate others!!!
    Excuse my bad english and spelling
    Nikos P.

  19. A very interesting article ….!

  20. Interesting article Nobert. However, I agree with Anne, narcissism is someone who thinks only and highly of them-self. Some of these I’ve never heard. You could have went a little further on your explanation, but It’s definitely an interesting article and well worth the read.

  21. Instructive ,rare some of them in fact.

  22. These are weird disorders and practices indeed.

  23. Very interesting article. Some of these disorders I have never heard of before.

  24. Wow, some of those are very sad disorders. Never even imagined some of those. Yikes. Poor people who get those.

  25. This is quite an insightful article. You must have done quite some research to come up with this information, most of which I’ve never heard of before!

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