The Most Dangerous Place in Your Kitchen

The salad drawers are the most infested with bacteria.

The fridge salad draw  having seven hundred and fifty level of bacteria is considered to be safe, but  recent discovery of killer bugs like E.coli, salmonella and listeria are  found and add  an average of seven thousand eight hundred and fifty a level bacteria which is per square centimetre.  The swabs that were tested had as much as one hundred and twenty nine thousand  square centimetre.

The bacteria multiply in warmer weather, the low temperatures in the fridge only inhibits the growth of the bacteria, and with regular cleaning is the answer of keeping it safer.

Regular cleaning  of the salad draws should be done separately, the problem occurs if your drawers are never cleaned.

It comes as a surprise when you think of it, the  whole purpose of the fridge is to keep food safe and control the chances of bacteria growth, this is a problem.

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  1. Nice share..

  2. scary stuff gonna write a poem cheers

  3. Refrigerating Listeria keeps it very happy.

  4. thanks a lot for the warning.

  5. This is quite shocking. thanks for the heads up

  6. wow….very danger…..

  7. like it thanks

  8. Never thought of that. I just naturally assumed anything in the refrigerator was good for at least three or four days or a week. I clean mine fairly often but maybe should clean it more. Very good article. Woke me up. Thanks for sharing. Now a question oh wizard of the food world, Why does lettuce go limp and spoil so quickly even in the salad drawer. I buy a head and in 3 days it is all starting to get brown or rusty inside and the outside leaves are useless. I can’t eat a whole head in less time.

  9. Good Reminder to clean out my refrigerator more often. Thanks for sharing.

  10. That is kind of scary but very good to know.

  11. Wow. This is horrible to hear this

  12. Salad drawers must be always kept clean.

  13. Short article but informative.

  14. ummmmmmmm very nice dear

  15. informative..thanks

  16. I never thought of this.

  17. Great read! I was more afraid of the knifes but now I am not…

  18. I thought it was the kitchen sink! Thanks!

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