The Most Horrible Skin Diseases Ever

No "if" or "why" as these horrible-looking skin diseases may have occurred in your life! Earlier treatment is always recommended to treat them while the attack is still mild.

Like others, we all dream of having a beautiful skin and body, an ideal body shape and of being tip-top health. However, these horrible-looking skin diseases have made our dreams not come true. They’re always viewed as miserable “aliens”. Though they’re not a life-threatening problem but their existence can be both embarrassing and nuisance.  Skin itching, skin inflammation, undesirable and strange “spots”, breaking out in rashes, skin changes in texture or color, may be early signs of precancerous or cancerous skin conditions, or may be the result of infection due to the direct contact with an irritant or an allergen, and may also be a manifestation of certain chronic skin conditions. The most important approach to deal with these skin conditions is to treat them when the attack is still mild. Now, let’s look on some of these horrible-looking skin conditions.


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Seborrheic keratosises are non-cancerous growths which appear as sharply demarcated and slightly raised skin lesions. These benign growths may develop with age. Most of them have a grainy or a verrucous surface that are usually easy to crumble, but some of them may have a waxy and smooth surface. They may be black, multi-colored, or brownish in appearance. They are seen around the chest or back. As they seldom cause problem, and thus no treatment is recommended. Unless irritation develops or their existence is concerned for moles or skin cancers, then a proper diagnosis by a dermatologist is deemed necessary and appropriate.

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Psoriasis is a non-contagious rash which is characterized by dry red patches, silvery scales or thick red plaques covered with silvery scales on the scalp, elbows, knees, arms, legs, face, lower back and around the belly-button. Psoriasis can appear in a variety of forms. Of all types of Psoriasis, Plaque psoriasis or Psoriasis Vulgarise is the most common type. When Psoriasis occurs on the scalp (which can creep onto the forehead or the skin beyond the hairline), or more commonly as part of a widespread condition, it is always accompanied by involvement in the gluteal fold of the buttocks which may go and come. People who suffer from a rare type of psoriasis may feel uncomfortable, usually have a fever and a high white blood cell count, and may occasionally die from this situation. Some patches are very itchy and may last for months to years. In severe cases, the treatment can be difficult. Psoriasis is always treated with medications, light therapy, retinoid creams or steroid.

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  1. Disgusting desease.Great article though.

  2. Youch! those are some painful conditions, scary article but a good one…

  3. Oh Chan Lee. These are not very nice to look at. Some people suffer from terrible skin conditions. I feel I am really lucky


  4. Believe it or not, but black men and men of color have a particular problem with ’shaving bumps’ on their faces that do not permit a nice clean, close shave without serious irritation and inflmmation. This can be a career-limiting situation if for instance, the man is in military service and the ability to have a CLEAN close shave is required for some duties (wearing a gas/biologic mask, for instance)and for that matter, SCUBA divers and Fire Rescuers that wear oxy-masks need a clean shave to maintain correct, safe fitting equipment Again, a serious issue for the man of color with facial grooming issues.

    I am Caucasian myself but have used shaving products meant for ‘men of color’ that have special emollients and conditioners to accommodate ‘bumpy skin’ and WOW was that stuff ever good! I’m talking hot-towel wrap, lotioned skin and new, quality razor NICE! I of course, forget the name of this product but it was available at Wal-Mart in the States.

    Great article, Chan! :)


  5. Great infomational post with a wonderful presentation.

  6. another informative article,keep them coming

  7. Clear and detailed info.

  8. I anticipate to look the horrible pictures and they are.
    Some people are blessed with healthy skin so they are lucky.
    For them who suffer this disease, hope they will find the right medicine and treatment. Good article again, Chan.

  9. Good article.


  10. Very comprehensive and informative article..

  11. When I was in fourth grade the palms of my hands and soles of my feet broke out in blisters. Thank God this outbreak has only occurred about 4 times in my life. It is embarrassing, misunderstood and painful. It is a condition called dishidrosis and is not contagious. I was kicked out of my 4-H group because of it. Parents thought it was infantigo. People are afraid of what they do not understand.

    Your pictures show real people, God bless them, and I hope all is well with them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. scary but also very informative and worth reading! keep up the good work!

  13. Great article!

  14. The pictures were disturbing to say the least and the one with the little girl was heart wrenching. It’s sad to know that people suffer with these devils and not easy to look at either.Your article was very detailed. God bless. Nice work.

  15. Eeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Good article!

  16. Informative article……

  17. Informative, Thanks for sharing.

  18. Ahhhhh! Really wished I hadn’t read this while eating my lunch… think I’m going to be sick, especially with that last image.. so ewww! Good article!

  19. you should have included Hidradenitis suppurativa and Vitiligo.

  20. Excellent info here. Good work!! I feel so sorry for the people who have to live with any of this…
    After having ‘Adult Chickenpox’…I was 28 yo. I got it from my kids who had a mild dose but I nearly died from
    it and there was not one part of my body that did not have a pox on it. I was very ill and almost ended up in an
    infectious disease ward but I begged my Dr to let me stay at home, as it was Christmas, and I was only allowed to
    because I had people who could look after me, although I was confined to a friends home as that is where I
    collapsed with fever. I believe I can look forward to a few episodes of shingles…not something I am looking
    forward to I can tell ya. I also have a complaint of dry skin tags 9Can’t remember the medical term, (something
    like ???keratosises or whatever)which are getting worse or more of as I get older. This article makes me feel like
    a whinger compared to what these people in the pics must feel like.

  21. I’ve had few on those list, most were common (a wart once, hives twice, etc) But I did get Pityriasis Rosea when I was in the 5th grade. And they weren’t bad. People just started calling me ‘Leopard girl.’

  22. Good stuff. Thanks my friend

  23. I’m reading this because I currently have something very similar to the last image on my face for about the 5th time because my ex told me they were hereditary and you cant catch them. (He had a very small blister I didnt see- obviously I wouldnt kiss someone with this!) I know this will happen regularly throughout my life now. I felt sorry for myself for a bit then decided to grow up and remember other people are dying. You can choose how you react to anything.

  24. It’s been six years since I got shingles. I got it at age 10 on my face. It took off part of my eyebrow and.I’m extremely self conscious about it. This article made me feel lucky that my case wasn’t that bad but I can get it again anytime.

  25. nice post!!! argh..there is something that grew on my skin.. its really itchy.. hope that ill be okay after a week. hayssss… on sunday its already 2weeks in my skin

  26. Here is my latest article about vitiligo disease and treatment of vitiligo..

    Have a nice read.

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