The Politics of Health

Imagine you are Minister of Health in a new government which is eager to reorganize its departments; Whose priorities would you consider? The patient’s needs and preferences? The doctor’s desire to work where it is convenient for him to work? The administrator’s need to keep down costs? Or the community’s need to keep friends and relatives close by them when sick and not send them to hospital?

The Politics of Health


By Mr Ghaz, November 9, 2009

The Politics of Health

The politics of health is about these sorts of questions. We looked at some of these causes of health and illness in our society; we suggested ways in which you as an individual might change them through your own action or by collective action in group. Here we take a wider look at the causes of ill-health in our community and the ways in which we might tackle them.

Change in the Pattern of Health and Illness

Many people do not realize that the major contributions to better health we enjoy in this century are social and environmental. Investment in better housing, sewage disposal schemes, legislation about purer food, pensions, education and higher income, have led to the improved standard of health we have today.

When the National Health Service was set up, many people believed that more spending would mean better health. And that in due coarse there would be less and less need for a health service. Yet today we are spending more money on health.

The reason for this is that, as our patterns of living have changed, the diseases we suffer from have also changed. Heart disease, strokes and cancer that you are have replaced infectious diseases as the main causes of death. Most of today’s diseases are due to environmental causes or to what are called ‘self-imposed’ risks of life. Some of these risks are chosen (eg. climbing mountains). But many risks, such as those arising from doing a very inactive job, are dictated by the kind of society we live in.

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  1. Great though here. And your article will help bring up attention.

  2. An excellent article. It is really quite depressing when you think that with all th advances in medicine and the NHS we are not any healthier. Good work as always.


  3. As always, Mr Ghaz, great article.

  4. Interesting article, mrghaz. I am not at all for the government health care or any help at all from government. They too often restrict our personal liberties in the name of health,

  5. You made some really excellent points about the health care system Mr Ghaz!As always brilliant work!!

  6. I realized from reading your article that if we changed society to make health a top priority we would lose many of the barriers this society has.

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  8. very nice article

  9. excellent article Mr Ghaz !!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Very excellently presented article. Tjhere are pros and coms for all things in life. I know if we didn’t have NHS in my country I wouldn’t have been able to afford the £18,000 a year I need for my Multiple sclerosis treatment.

  11. One word to describe this post. Excellent!

  12. Excellent article!

  13. Thank you for sharing that was incredible.

  14. I consider that all people should share the same kind of healthcare equally. We should not have one standard of healthcare for the wealthy and politicians and another for those less fortunate. Whatever healthcare the country can afford should be shared equally.

  15. This was an excellent read and your points were made brilliantly

  16. Excellent article and you are so right many times we create our own misery and misfortunes. Very well done!

  17. Great heath tips to share with us! thanks :)

  18. Another useful health tips! ..well done Mt Ghaz! Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Thanks for sharing this great health infos. keep it up Mr Ghaz!

  20. well-written and great article..Thanks a lot my friend :)

  21. very well written as deep as your tough thoughts!!!

  22. Timely article, mrghaz. Excellent. I am not for government-controlled healthcare. The government has too many agendas.

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