The Real Threat of Aids

When AIDS was first reported in 1979, the disease is found in a group of homosexuals in New York and San Francisco. The term AIDS is set in the first six cases were found in Los Angeles, dated July 5, 1981. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or syndrome, the immune system are obtained.

When AIDS was first reported in 1979, the disease is found in a group of homosexuals in New York and San Francisco. The term AIDS is set in the first six cases were found in Los Angeles, dated July 5, 1981. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or syndrome, the immune system are obtained.

Cases of HIV infections worldwide occur the first time in 1959, when it’s a black man living in Leopoldville (now Kinsasha) in Kongo submit blood samples to the team of doctors from the United States is undertaking a study of genetic problems. After the study, the sample was not discarded, but stored in a refrigerator and forgotten. Only in 1986, blood samples were examined with 1212 joined another blood sample by a doctor in the United States along with other researchers, and the result, the blood was HIV positive. Since the discovery of the world digemparkan with HIV virus, discrimination and stigma against people living with HIV was widespread. Indonesia, is one of the very strong community embraced this discrimination.

AIDS Cases Continue to Increase

AIDS cases with different clinical appearance are more often found in hospitals throughout Indonesia. Opportunistic infections that arise outside of the lung and pulmonary tuberculosis, oral candidiasis, cerebral toxoplasmosis, dermatitis, is caused by viral load in blood and the patient is getting a lot of T-cells are lymphocytes for immune function is much reduced. Injecting drug users is a high risk of contracting the HIV virus, in addition to free sex offender. Both of these high risk groups in number can not be known for certain, but the prediction can be also increased. The pair of these high risk groups, including high risk groups as well, ie a wife or husband who contracted HIV from her partner. So that the cycle of transmission of HIV virus is more widespread. Moreover, the handling is not performed optimally and stigma and discrimination in our society is still strongly attached, making it difficult to convince the public that the threat of HIV transmission has been entered into the family environment. It is not anticipated when the government’s handling of the serious of the next generation who will give birth to weak babies be born already infected with HIV, a lot of orphaned children that both parents died of AIDS.

Clinical role of VCT

Since 2005, the clinic VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) has been established in several government hospitals in Indonesia. Hopefully, VCT clinics to be an entry point to find people with high risk of contracting HIV and their HIV status checked. Thus the pace of developments towards the condition of AIDS will be suppressed. But in fact, although the clinic is supported by the Global Fund and provide free services, but the amount of coverage is not balanced by an increase in the number of AIDS cases are found in a terminal condition in hospital. The outreach is assigned to look for people who are at high risk it can not work as expected. The reluctance of people to come due to stigma and discrimination that occur both externally in the community, and internally in the group HCWs. In addition, our habits will only work if the incentives provided by the donors (GF ATM) and are generally of the foreign countries, making the VCT clinic does not work in a continuous and serious. Moreover, injection of funds also have a time limit and its magnitude. Moreover, the assistance of local government is very difficult to expect. In fact today, VCT clinics in all government hospitals throughout Indonesia are just like a suspended animation unit, which is only a signpost name only, with no activity. Instead of increasing the volume of activity, just not able to sustain activity again. Indeed, there are still centers penanggulanagan HIV / AIDS in hospitals that consistently perform prevention activities for patients and their families, but the amount is very small.

Future Threats

That we will face and tackle the future of this is that babies born to HIV positive status is transmitted from the mother who may not know that her husband had contracted the disease from high risk behavior. The birth of babies with HIV positive should be known for its development into AIDS can be prevented to save this nation’s next generation. And more importantly, the presence of pregnant women with HIV should be known by early skrening HIV tests on pregnant women, without the need for counseling first. PMTCT Activities (Preventive Mother to Child Transmission) must be real and sustainable done by all government and private hospitals, without waiting for financial assistance from foreign countries. Because our country is under threat explosion of AIDS cases in young people (infants and children).

Before Amended

To cope with the HIV virus, the necessary medical and non medical.
While medical procedures are still in the stage of development and research, non-medical problems of an obstacle to efforts to prevent transmission in the community. Non-medical problems lies in humans, including fikir pattern that has not changed from the man, while the environment has changed. Indonesian society is still not able to accept the presence of HIV virus and people living with HIV virus is. Including health care workers who are still there who do not want to and have not been able to understand the HIV virus and AIDS. It is time we change attitudes towards people with HIV and AIDS patients, by the way:
Open the veil of secrecy with HIV, and treating HIV infection with a virus infection and other infectious diseases. Thus the public are expected to accept the fact that the phenomenon of illness associated with this behavior.
The entire health care unit to treat people with HIV and AIDS patients with other patients and not separated itself. Should not the Government and Private Hospitals refuse care for patients with AIDS.
Include material of HIV / AIDS in school curricula from primary education through the Health and Science subjects in Healthy, so the kids have got a simple knowledge about HIV infection early on.
Socialization of condoms to groups of high risk of contracting HIV, the Commercial Sex Workers and their clients. Socialization of condoms should not be construed as sexual socialization is free, but as the last bastion of moral education and socialization after most major religions do not succeed. Condoms should be viewed as a protective device, whereas the control target is the ‘tool’ condom-protected.
Increase the Harm Reduction program (use of sterile syringes) for injection drug addicts are supervised by officers and / or increase the amount of Methadone clinic in oral substitution.

Therefore, prevention of HIV infection in the community requires the involvement and agreement of all elements of society, from young people, religious leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders, organizations, nongovernmental organizations and last but not least the involvement of community leaders and decision-makers and policy.

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