The Relationship Between Hemoglobin and Vitamin D

The relationship between hemoglobin and vitamin D.

A new study shows that low levels of vitamin D in children can cause anemia. This often leads to damage to vital organs, in order to resist the penetration of oxygen, have had children with less than 20 nanograms per milliliter (ng / ml) in the blood of 50 percent higher risk for anemia than children with levels of 20 ng / ml and higher. For every 1 ng / ml increase in vitamin D, reduces the risk of anemia up to 3 percent.

Anemia occurs when the oxygen demand of the body are very low in red blood cells removed, and is diagnosed by measuring hemoglobin values ??have mild symptoms of anemia, fatigue, mild headache, and low energy costs. To investigate the relationship between hemoglobin and vitamin D, the researchers analyzed data from blood samples of over 9,400 children in the age group 2-18 tahun.Mereka found that low levels of vitamin D, which also lower the amount of hemoglobin above were risking anemia.

This study found that only one percent of whites who are anemic, compared with 9 percent of black origin. In fact, the children of blacks have an average vitamin D levels up to 18, which is much lower than white children with less than 27
The new results suggest that low levels of vitamin D in children may be blacks is an important contribution to anemia, as well as biological and genetic factors.

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