The Story Of Mark Pollock: A Man Who is Blind and Paralyzed But Keeps Looking Forward

His fiancée Simone has been close to him all this while, but in his own words, Mark says he feels very unlucky! He had lost his sight, but hoped with his limbs, he could still physically do a lot. Now being blind and on a wheelchair, Mark Pollock actually means it when he says, he feels very unlucky.

Life may look too challenging to us all, but before you think you are the most challenged person under the sun, you need first to listen to the story of Mark Pollock.

At the age 22, Mark mysteriously and suddenly went blind when he was diagnosed with congenital retina problem. Doctors say he had been born with a weak retina and there was nothing they could do then to stop him from going blind.

Achievements as a blind Athlete

  • As a blind man, he had been a Commonwealth boating champion.
  • He also ran a marathon in the Gobi desert in 2003, raising money for Sight Savers International.
  • In his blindness, he had grown to become a renowned motivational speaker and even wrote a book which he entitled “Marking”.
  • He accomplished the unthinkable feat of taking part in a race to the South Pole as a blind man, competing with big names like James Cracknell and Ben Fogle. He managed to do the 800 km race, pulling a 200 pound sled for his provisions in harsh weathers and in temperatures as low as -48 degrees and walking 12 hours a day! He proved to the world that his blindness did not deprive him of his talent as an athlete.
  • Mark was also the first ever blind man to row a boat covering the distance of 1,400 miles round Ireland when he took part in a yacht race in June 2011.

The Tragic Accident

Mark Pollock cracked open his skull in July 2, 2011 following a bad falling accident from a second floor building and ruptured a major blood vessel leading to such heavy bleeding that no one can explain why he did not die. It appears he lost orientation as he tried to go to the bathroom at night and walked straight through the window to his deadly fall down to the ground. This falling accident broke Mark’s spine at three points and from a walking blind man, he suddenly found himself on a wheelchair. To be blind and on a wheelchair from spinal injury at the same time is one scenario that would finish even the most motivated person about this life, but Mark is different-he sees opportunity in the face of every tragedy.

He was due to marry his sweet heart Simone in August and had  even proposed to her soon after the South Pole race without knowing what would happen to him on July 2nd 2011. We all cannot tell what the future holds and Mark seems to have quickly come to terms with the complications that come with the unknowns of the future.

He has since been recovering at a rehab centre after a series of complicated surgeries on him. His fiancée Simone has been close all this while, but in his own words, Mark says he feels very unlucky although he does not dwell on that feeling! His dream is come out of the Rehab centre and carry on living. What a great and positive man this guy is to be living with a double disability.

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  1. Poor man feeling that way. Writing books when blind sounds lucky to me. Even the Gobi Dessert marathon is impressive as I know I could not do it. Right now we are freezing because we have to have the air conditioning on so low because it is so hot out there.

  2. a tragic turn of events

  3. It must be discouraging right now but who knows what other great things are ahead for him.

  4. Very hard road I hope He finds the courage to carry on
    each life is important to God I pray he gets a miracle.

  5. Poor man…

  6. Very sad:(

    I do admire Mark’s courage and relentless stamina.

    Well written article:)

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