The Top 10 Worst Genetic Conditions

How do genetics influence our lives?

Genetic refers to heredity and variation in living organisms that carries the basic inheritance codes called genes. It carries all the information from hair texture, eye’s color, height, weight, skin texture, behavior, appearance of organisms and so forth. The genetic codes from either side or both sides of parents might be inherited by their child. In some cases, genetic has showed a substantial role to indulge the development of certain syndromes or diseases as documented in 20 Most Bizarre Congenital Defects/Abnormalities. The abnormalities in an individual’s genetic material may have led to health hazards. Below are conditions that are scientifically proven to be inherited from the parents to their child.


Recent studies show that 50% of people who get addicted to alcoholic drinks are closely related to the genetic problem. They found that in general, drunkard people will more likely to have their children born with a tendency to get addicted with alcohol. As compared to the genetic factor, environmental factor plays a minimal role in influencing people to have addicted with alcoholic drinks in their lives.

Breast Cancer

Though most of the reasons which indulge the incidence of breast cancer are still remain as a mystery, researchers have confirmed that some of the specific gene mutation may lead to cancer. Some females may have infected with breast cancer in their early lives, or may also have both of their breasts being infected with cancerous cells or tumors.

Color Blindness

Approximately 1000 million people in the United States are being diagnosed for a syndrome called color blindness, a state when green and red color could not be seen clearly. Of all, 60 million of them are females who suffer from the similar symptoms. From this analysis, we may ask why female inherited less color blindness gene from the parents as compared to the males. This is because a male can only inherit one X chromosome gene from the mother, while the female has two X chromosome genes. That means if one gene is found to be defect, the other gene can replace its position, and thus females who inherited color blindness genes from their parents are generally lower than males.

Paternity Inherited Bullying Character

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  1. Great info!

  2. I didn’t know that bullying is linked to genetic condition! Thanks Chan!

  3. Chan, It has long been the subject of great discussion, debate and disagreement as to whether things like alcoholism and bullying are inherited or environment. Although we can not discount that a child COULD be genetically predisposed to the disease of Alcoholism, the sheer fact that they grew up in a dysfunctional alcoholic home is a factor in how a child grows up and deals with their own problems that life presents. The old sayings monkey see, monkey do and children live what they learn mean that they are emulating how their parents handled these situations. A father may give his child a specific genetic code at conception but if he is raised in a different environment does that change the outcome? I guess the debate goes on! Great article and well written.

  4. To LionessofGd and all dearest readers,

    Of course, giving birth to twins is a good new for all pregnant mothers. But, in many cases, twins can be born defect, or with their bodies linked together, or two babies share one head or one heart and many more cases. This happens when the cells which divide into two embryos are facing error due to the genetic defect or abnormality. That means giving birth to twins is always dangerous to a pregnant mother. It’s always better to have one baby than two or more.

    Thanks and regards,

  5. great info!

  6. Chan, I loved the way you correlated your pictures with the article.

  7. It was an interesting article Chan!

  8. Okay…maybe im confused but this is the worst genetic conditions??

    How is giving birth to twins one of the worst genetic conditions? Or even a bad thing? I’m a twin, I get raising two kids at once could be hard, but thats just rude.

    I really just dont get how any moron could think some of these things are the “worst”. Balding? Really? Balding and acne is worse than Huntington’s?

  9. Also>>In many cases twins are born conjoined? That is INSANE. It is EXTREMELY rare. The vast, vast majority of the time twins are fine. It is not always dangerous.

    What are your qualifications for writing this? Because frankly you seem like a complete moron.

    I’m sure anyone with one of the truly horrible genetic conditions would be thrilled if their biggest issue was having twins, a bit of acne, and a bald head.

  10. You really believe those are the top 10 worst genetic about Rett syndrome, Huntington’s Disease and Alzheimers just to name a very, very few.
    This article is completely ridiculous!

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