The Truth About Kidney Stones

The truth is anyone can have kidney stones. You are at greater risks if you have a family history of kidney stones, take some vitamin supplements, or drink little water. One of the best ways to avoid them is to drink plenty of water. You might have kidney stones and never know it unless they begin to move. Excruciating pain might be the first warning but there are other symptoms to watch out for.

According to Web.M.D., kidney stones usually form in the urethra. Kidney stones that stay in the kidney don’t irritate or obstruct anything and produce no symptoms. They may go completely unnoticed. We should all be so lucky to have this kind of kidney stone because when kidney stones  begin to move they cause excruciating pain. Severe pain is the best know symptom of kidney stones but there are other symptoms. 

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Abdominal bloating
Fever and chills
bladder irritability
Nausea and vomiting
Blood in urine

As odd as it seems, stones may be as small as a grain of sand, although some are many times bigger. If you have a chance to see one, you will wonder how anything so small can cause so much pain. Anyone can have a kidney stone but some are more prone to them than others. You can count yourself at high risk if you are among the following.

People with a family history of kidney stones
People who have taken prolonged bed rest
Heavy users of alcohol
Men 40 years or older
Patients who have gout or overabsorb calcium

Doctors are confident that one little thing could prevent kidney stones, drinking a plentiful amount of water. Almost all stones are passed eventually. Drugs, surgery and ultrasonic therapy are also available. Once the crisis is past, you may want to forget the whole thing, but doctors say now is the time to think about warding off another attack.

High doses of vitamin C have been linked to kidney stones.
Calcium supplements should only be taken with doctors approval.
Your doctor will give you a list of foods to avoid and give you more specific advice.

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