These Food Additives Can Make You Sick

What are the ingredients for it?

Tingling of the lips, a furry feeling on the tongue or a scrape on the palate aresigns, if we are allergic to certain foods. The reason for this food additive, the unpleasant side effects and diseases bring. What triggers can be anything, can be found in our table view!

Horror scenario: All ingredients in certain food products can cause allergies orfood intolerances in the body. For victims of supermarket shopping is fast becoming the agony (Photo: nuclear vet / ”Pixel, photo montage)

Glutamate & Co. Look closer next purchase, which substances are listed among the ingredients on the package. Thus, for example Emulsifiers in margarine’s, low-calorie sweeteners in products, flavor enhancers in spice mixtures or xanthan gumas a thickening agent in mayonnaise. Not all of it is really healthy.

Additives (usually artificial) serve food - such as Sausage and cheese - toreinforce the flavor and make it last longer. Actually, practically you think?Unfortunately, certain ingredients in foods for illness. Often contain additives that could cause allergies and food intolerances are (eg, lactose or glutenintolerance). For example,. suffer about 15 percent of Germans on alactose-intolerance or lactose intolerance …

Our brief overview of poorly compatible ingredients in foods will give youenlightenment:
Where an additive in it? Possibly. Side effects
Xanthan - E415
(Thickening agent)
Soups, sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup, ice cream, desserts, etc.low allergenic potential
Sodium glutamate - E621
(Flavor enhancer), salty foods, sauces, meat and meat products, spices temporalpressure, headaches, stiffness in the neck
Potassium nitrate - E252
(Preservative) and hard cheeses, cured meats, bacon, goose and duck liver pate, pickled herring and sprat in overdose fall in blood pressure, cardiovascularcollapse, shock,> because of nitrate ”Nitrite! is
Benzoic acid - E210
(Preservative) high component in dairy products, fruit, honey allergenic, asthma, hives
Citric acid - E330
(Acidified) Errfrischungsgetränke sugary tooth decay (caries)
Ammonium chloride - E510
(Acidified) salt licorice products bone damage, altered blood damage, parathyroid and adrenal cortex
(natural buttering agent) drinks such as tonic water or bitter lemon blurred vision,tinnitus, Not for pregnant women!
Saccharin - E954
(Sweetener) sugar-free drinks, dried fruit, canned fruit and vegetables, saucesand mustard, alcoholic drinks, cereal or nuts Byproduct bladder mucosal damage is suspected cancer
Aspartame - E951
(Sweetener) sweeteners, diet products, see also eg saccharin various allergicreactions, headaches, nausea, not for ”phenylketonuria - Suitable patients!What products to your cart to come should be carefully considered…….
Watch for signs! If your body after eating allergy (eg rash, swelling or bowelproblems) reacts, seek medical attention.
Ask him about an allergy test, which ever is after a skin test or blood test done.

For allergy and nutrition-conscious, a healthy and balanced diet is difficult.

Therefore: read small print on the packaging exactly! Thanks to consumer protection, manufacturers list all ingredients. Good, because to know its allergy-causing food additives and their side effects is important.

Glutamate allergy or lactose intolerance - are you affected?
Rash, swelling, bowel problems and even shortness of breath, because you atefalse? You must always ask at restaurants for ingredients in sauces and saladdressings? And you stand in front of the supermarket shelf a long time, becauseyou read the ingredients very well? »Share your experiences, which may bevaluable information for other community members!

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