Three Wonder Vegetables That Fights Arthritis

It is a known fact that these three common kitchen vegetables pack nutritional value, but these foods also are rich with anti-inflammatory agents that helps reduce joint pains and swelling cause by arthritis.

Arthritis is an immune system condition that cause inflammation and pain. Usually, arthritis is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. However, taking drugs can result to severe side effects. There are several vegetables, easily available at the market, can take the place of anti-inflammatory drugs. And these wonder vegetables can bring on  no or little side effect. Read on to learn more of these three wonder foods that reduce joint pains and swelling brought by arthritis.


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Why it’s good: This spicy herb contains natural anti inflammatory agent that helps in decreasing joint pain and reducing inflammation. Studies have shown that ginger contains active compounds like gingerol, shogaol, and zingerone — elements that evidently eases swelling. Furthermore, the herb contains antioxidants that help the joints flash off impurities and generates fresh blood to flow into the aching spine or joints. Other health benefits of ginger includes: easing colds, diarrhea, flu, nausea, and headaches.

Ginger is available at any health food store in capsules, extract, oils, powder, and tincture. Eat up! Ideally 2-4 grams of ginger should be taken every single day.

How to take ginger preparation to ease arthritis pains:

  • Add freshly sliced ginger into your cooking to supplement salad dressings and stew.
  • Make a ginger tea or add ground ginger to fruit juices or shakes.
  • Take a ginger oil massage to ease joints pains and swelling.
  • Use hot ginger compressors and baths for aching joints.

Not everyone can take ginger. The herb is said to cause heartburn and can also act as a blood thinner.
People allergic to ginger should not take ginger in any form. Always consult your doctor, or rheumatologist before taking ginger for arthritis pains and swellings.


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Why it’s good: Aside from its nutritional value, research has shown that pumpkin seeds contains certain antioxidants acting as anti-inflammatory that may help prevent arthritis. These antioxidants like beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin reduce reducing inflammation associated with this condition. Recent study reveals that omega-3 fatty acids help people with arthritis a greater range of motion. Rich in magnesium and zinc, pumpkin seeds also promotes prostate health, better bones, and reduces the risk of macular degeneration. 
Eat up! Get 46% of the daily value of magnesium by eating a quarter cup of pumpkin seeds. You can also try make a “pudding” by mixing pumpkin purée into vanilla yogurt. Making yummy fun snacks is a good idea too.

Red Bell Pepper

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You may not know it, but red bell pepper contains twice as much vitamin C as an orange. Why it’s good: Aside from several antioxidants that flashes off free radicals from the body, red bell pepper is a rich source inflammation-fighting carotenoids. These powerful antioxidants ease arthritis pains or slow the progression of the disease. Studies have shown that people eating foods high in vitamin C is at low risk of getting arthritis. Other health benefits of red bell pepper includes: reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, reduces risk of prostate cancer, promote lung health, and prevent cataracts.

Eat up! Make refreshing bell pepper snacks or easy lunch by mixing pepper with cucumber, cheese and chickpeas. Make it a point to consume three red bell peppers a week.

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