Tips to Control Blood Sugar Level Without Medication

It may seem difficult, but it is possible with dietary restrictions and lifestyle changes.

Worried about how to avoid medications for Type 2 Diabetes? Even though lifestyle modification needs to be made, the good news is that the diabetes can be controlled without medication. In this article, I will share some tips to reduce blood sugar levels which has been found to be effective.

  • Drinking Water

    Drink plenty of water daily. It has got a great role in reducing the blood sugar levels. Drinking water should not be confused with any other fluids like tea, coffee or soft drinks. Just have to take plenty of water through out the day.

  • Herbal Tea to Reduce Blood Sugar

    A natural herbal tea could act as the sugar blocker. The composition of this tea includes Gymnema Sylvestre and Camellia Sinensis( Green tea). It could regulate the blood sugar levels effectively after intake of snacks and foods rich in sugar. However, avoid taking too much sugary foods with the view that this tea will regulate it. This tea must be taken several times a day, though 2-3 times is recommended. You can use one tea bag several times in a day.

  • Add Foods Rich in Fiber

    Include meals rich in fibre. Avoiding white flour and white sugar is ideal. Instead use wheat bran, oats and fibre rich cereals. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables play a very important role in adding up fibre.

  • Take Smaller Portion of Meals

    It is a good idea to take small meals. Avoid very bulky meals. Add foods low in glycemic index. A high glycemic diet will cause the release of too much sugar into blood stream rapidly.

  • Avoid All Processed Foods

    Always avoid all sort of processed and tinned foods. Foods containing MSG must be avoided as it may increase body weight.

  • Artificial sweeteners must be avoided as it may increase blood pressure in diabetics.
  • Reduce Carbohydrates and Increase Protein Content

    To avoid getting hungry often and to reduce the calorie intake, increase the protein content in every meal.

  • Exercise

    Exercise is really essential. A game of badminton could reduce blood sugar levels to surprising levels. (I found this from our blood sugar monitor diary where blood sugar levels are recorded.) Add this to your routine at least 2-3 times a week. Added to it brisk walking and mild exercises could help to reduce body weight and maintain blood sugar level to normal.

Always go for fresh cooked meals. Preservative foods could raise blood pressure and cause other complications apart from diabetics. Eating fresh small meals and moderate exercise can regulate blood sugar without medications.

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  1. Sweety:

    Excellant advice. very good points!

  2. thank to your advice and your work is excllant job keep it more advice

  3. God bless you

    your tips to reduce sugar level along with blood pressure are veru encouraging and refreshing my mind to feel that i can be.



  4. sir my father is diabetic patient since 2000 in year 2007 he is suffered from blockage due to high cholesterol level but now he is fine because of bypass heart surgery after the operation his sugar remain near about 70-120 (fasting) tell me the suitable suggestion further to maintain a best life for him.

  5. Its very useful advice.

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