To Spit or Not to Spit in the Public

Three reasons spitting in the public should be banned.

Spitting in public places will soon be penalized. This is one of the latest updates from the House of Representative in the country (Philippines). The main intention of House Bill 5901 according to its author, AVE party-list Rep. Eulogio Magsaysay is to eradicate this disgusting habit of throwing saliva and phlegm anywhere in public places. Two things I have in mind. First thing, how will they impose this bill? We have so many ‘promising’ regulations and laws now but it seems that the real BIG problem is its implementation.  For example the non-smoking regulation, is it fully implemented? I saw a lot of people still smoking in public places… Second thing, I’m not going to talk about this bill because I suspect where it’s going to end. I just hope my suspicion about it is wrong.

I want to talk about a few reasons spitting in the public should be banned.

1. Etiquette. According to its original definition from conventional dictionaries, etiquette is a polite behavior in society or among members of a particular group. In simple terms, etiquette is what separates us from other animals. Animals behave in a manner without thinking. There are different forms of etiquette, one of which is not spitting in public places. A lot of people do this subconsciously. Not only that it shows a person’s poor etiquette, it is not pretty to look at (both the action, the sound and not to mention the traces on the ground, yikes!). Doing it makes you look like you were raised in the jungle or in the sewer.

2. Health. Spit contains the hosts’ DNA, thus saliva contains autoimmune virus and bacteria of the host. Or in layman’s term, saliva can carry contagious diseases. A spit serves as a transit of infections from one host to another. Viruses such as meningitis are also easily transferable through spit. Other germs, such as the common cold and influenza, are significantly frequent diseases spread by saliva. Spitting has also been identified as one of the factors to spread TB because mycobacterism tuberculosis, the bacteria which causes TB, can survive in a dried state up to eight months.

3. Unorthodox Demise. It’s kind of a big word, but what I only mean is the general bad effect of spitting to your holistic image. First, when this bill is finally approved, anyone caught in the act of spitting in the public will be considered ‘unlawful’. It may not be a heinous crime but being arrested or penalized of the act may scathe your clean record. You are not the only one at risk when often caught spitting in the public but also your family, friends or even religion. I’m sure nobody wants to be asked any of these questions. “Are you all Christians like that – spitting everywhere?” “Is spitting anywhere part of the initiation in your group?” or “Were you brought up that way (to spit anywhere) by your parents?” 

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  1. Fantastic health post with details.

  2. Very bad habit ugh

  3. Spitting in the public is very unhealthy. Its gross.
    Great article

  4. Most disgusting to spit in public

  5. Good details, do not spit anywhere, everywhere

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