Toothache Dangers in Brain and Heart

Toothache Dangers In Brain And Heart.

Most people consider trivial dental care issues. In fact due to bacterial infection of the teeth with the dangers of high cholesterol levels and smoking to heart disease. According to Alexander, a dentist from the Dental Care Artha d’Ivoire, in the person’s mouth contained about 700 bacteria. So if you are not diligent to maintain healthy teeth, the bacteria will get into the bloodstream and cause heart disease. I do not think so bad.

“The mouth is the dirtiest place in the human body,” he said. Mouth affected by gum disease and tooth will be filled by the bacteria. A number of microorganisms are organized in a sticky plaque on teeth. This is very dangerous when they enter freely into the blood vessels. If a blood vessel is blocked, oxygen is not up to the brain causes a stroke. Plaque on the teeth will allow the lead up to the brain or heart. At first it was just a hollow tooth, but then bacteria can invade the heart muscle or valves.

Symptoms can cause fever, heart murmur, bleeding under the skin of even deep vein darahkecil in other organs. According to a research person has pain in the gums have a 2-3 times higher risk of heart attack than people who have healthy gums. Alexander stressed that the teeth are not in the pull in sickness and swollen gums. If forced to be revoked, then the contents of the syringe can be mixed with pus. So that’s where the bacteria will spread throughout the body via the bloodstream. “The cause of heart attack and stroke rather than the influence of the nerves of teeth, but because the bacteria that are dirty or pus in the blood vessel blockage,” he said.

Time to pull a tooth is when the pain of the teeth has subsided. Instead, the doctor advised not to patch the teeth of patients who are sick. When the tooth has an infection, a toxin derived from dental fillings can eliminate the immune system leading to chronic degenerative diseases throughout the body, he said.

So with the above explanation it became clear that the importance of preserving and maintaining healthy teeth. Remember again: Preventing is better than cure. Want toothache or not? He he he. Same with me, do not want a toothache that ends next illness more dangerous, brain and heart.

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