Top 10 Causes of Death in The Philippines

Causes of death…

         The Philippines is now in the 184th spot among 226 countries listed in The World Factbook as based on the death rate at 5.06 deaths per 1000 population. Here are the top 10 causes of death in the country.

1. Heart disease

          Heart disease is a problem that affects one or more components of the human heart and causes of this is the narrowing or blockage of the heart’s arteries which leads to a heart attack. The increase in the number of heart attacks happens every yuletide season. People are advice to go easy in eating and drinking, quit smoking, start having healthier food choices, having enough rest and a regular exercise.

2. Stroke

          Cerebrovascular disease also known as stroke happens suddenly but can be prevented by an early diagnosis and treatment of hypertension or high level of cholesterol. Stroke mainly occurs when blood is not supplied to some parts of the brain due to blockage (ischemic stroke) or bursting (hemorrhagic stroke) of a blood vessel in the body. Stroke can strike both the elderly and younger person.

3. Cancer

          There are fifty thousand cancer cases that have been recorded in the Philippines and are increasing by 5% every year, while records show that 16% death cases are due to breast cancer. 12 million people are diagnosed with cancer every and the number of cancer deaths may reach 17 million by 2030 if no urgent action is taken according to World Health Organization (WHO).

4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

           An estimated 7% of all deaths worldwide are caused by chronic respiratory diseases while 15% of cigarette smokers develop chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). These diseases are preventing air to freely flow to and from lungs and an example of COPD includes chronic bronchitis, chronic asthma and emphysema.

5. Road accidents and injuries

           Major bus crashes happened in Benguet and Cebu because of narrow roads and reckless driving, 1.2 million people worldwide die from road accidents according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

6. Diabetes

            Diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose or sugar levels are too high based on the food that we eat, along with diabetes comes a number of health complications such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. An estimated 4 million Filipinos suffers from diabetes and early diagnosis prevents it from getting worse.

7. Dengue fever

            There are 62,503 dengue fever cases from January to August of 2010 that has been recorded by the Department of Health (DOH) and this record is seems to be the highest in the history of the country with 465 deaths identified.

8. Maternal deaths

            An estimate of 162 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births has been recorded and causes are hemorrhage, hypertension, sepsis, labor and delivery problems and complications related to abortion. The Philippines, along with 55 other countries, contributes to 94% of all maternal deaths worldwide.

9. Kidney failure

           One of the major functions of the kidney is to clean waste material from the blood but if its not working properly, kidney failure occurs. Stage 5 kidney failure patients requires dialysis but only 50%  may be healthy enough to undergo kidney transplant and only 20% can afford the costly life-saving operation.

10. Perinatal conditions

           The Philippines contribute to 90% of global under-five deaths at a ratio of 34 per 1,000 live births together with 42 other countries and 47% is identified as deaths of infants less than 28 days olds due to diarrhea, pneumonia, sepsis and asphyxia.

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  1. very informative…

  2. sometimes reality is even worse then what data shows us. Very well constructed article Jed.

  3. Dengue and those pesky mosquitos… great share.

  4. maternal deaths, wow thats the most sad one. thanks for the share

  5. Nice info indeed.

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  7. kind of shocking, good share ! (:* Very informative !

  8. is this in the year 2011? I am researching the top 10 causes of death for a health awareness talk this sat. Thanks a lot!

  9. is this in the year 2011? I am researching the top 10 causes of death for a health awareness talk this sat. Thanks a lot!

  10. Is this for 2011?

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