Top 10 Rare Diseases with Weird Pictures

Learn about the world most strangest and rare diseases and physical disorders.

Have a look at the world most rare diseases, including some genetic disorders.

1 – Epidermodysplasia verruciformis

Epidermodysplasia is caused by a genetic skin defect, in which skin is filling up with various dirty looking warts.  Warts are found mainly in areas exposed to sunlight.

2 – Calcinosis  

This is a rare disease in which calcium deposits in soft tissues. In practice the victim body is begins to flow thick white liquid like milk and various body joints leave their places.

3 – Argyria 

This a weird disease in which skin turns blue. That disease is also called blue skin failure. This disease mostly effect on face and hands, but it can also affect the whole body.

4 – Elephantiasis

This is the most bizarre Illness, in which lymph clogs the lymph vessels. This unusual blockage helps to increase the body part where the lymph vessel is blocked. A typical example is the elephant’s leg.

5 – Werewolf Syndrome

It is a disease in which a victim grows at an abnormal amount of body hair in places where they usually not grow. Like on face and hands.

6 – Pica Syndrome

It is a disease in which people tend to eat and taste things that are very bad in taste, like plastic, stones, paper, plaster, clay, rubber, soap, etc. Doctors believe that this disorder is developed in a person when the body has enough minerals, but do not know exactly how to start and or how to treat them.

7 – Blaschko lines

This is a very strange and still unexplained syndrome, first described in 1901 by a German dermatologist Alfred Blaschko. Patients in this syndrome got visible stripes on the body in various shapes like V, and P. These lines have no connection with the nerve, muscle or lymphatic system.

8 – Cutaneous horns

The reasons of this rare disease are unknown why some people develop these unusual horns, but the problem is linked to radiation exposure. This disease does occur in humans in areas where a lot of sunshine.

9 – Necrotizing fasciitis

This disease is also called meat eating bacteria disorder. It is caused by an infection of the lower layer of skin that usually gets there by various abrasions on the skin. This is a very dangerous disease, which leads to death.

10 – Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

This disease is also called osteogenesis imperfecta.  This disease is also associated with the skin, in which the skin becomes thin and easily extensible.

Note: These diseases can be cured, if a patient changes his life style and use homeopathic treatment.

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  1. You just scared me right now.

  2. Wow.. That was an awesome collection!!!

  3. interesting read…thanks

  4. Very weird diseases. I really feel for the sufferers. An interesting topic.

  5. oh my goodness

  6. @Jimmy Shilaho
    yes these are scary and the most deadly diseases for human beings

  7. @Jimmy Shilaho
    yes right these are scary and the most deadly diseases for human beings

  8. @Anj M
    this is not a photo album

  9. @Christine Ramsay

  10. @Dreamy777

  11. @foxpete88
    you are welcome

  12. How terrible. A moving post. Thank you.

  13. Any cure for these diseases?

  14. What are the causes of Elephantiasis disorder?

  15. @Francois Hagnere
    many thanks

  16. @Teenman
    look into homeopathy

  17. @Captin
    exact reasons are unknowns

  18. unbelievable, these are real or fake pictures?

  19. man in the last photo is so amazing

  20. Freaky disorders

  21. These diseases are an attempt to destroy humanity, may be these disease are spread by some anti human group

  22. Friend of mine survived the flesh eating disease (22 years old) and know another who has a faulty liver which left coulouring all over the back… The latter is usually caused by drinking and jaundice most of the time….

    With regard to facial hair, well I suffer from it and I know how many people make fun of me because of it. I am not allowed surgery because of my colour so make do with waxing and threading once on three days to keep my looks intact.
    I was a former ramp model BTW….

  23. Done Pica too and grew out of it…. Taught my younger brother to eat walls too and he got smacked by the parents while I got away with it…

  24. These ailments are so horrible, Nature can be a mean bitch.

  25. Very scary…how horrible nature is to certain people.

  26. @Ji
    obviously real

  27. @capry

  28. @Think
    another topic

  29. @Aiyanna
    very sad

  30. @Ruby Hawk
    yes when go against nature

  31. @Anuradha Ramkumar
    same answer for Ruby

  32. Very scary diseases…informative and well-researched.

  33. I just wished I was reading a fictitious material. Well-researched piece.

  34. @Melody SJAL
    thanks mate

  35. @Rhodora Bande
    coll wish but all these are true diseases

  36. “Note: These diseases can be cured, if a patient changes his life style and use homeopathic treatment.”

    How can that be? Most of these genetic and bacterial conditions cannot be cured, especially by lifestyle and homeopathic. These are so rare that many treatments aren’t even known yet. Though interesting photos. Good for a scare factor and, yes, they are all real.

  37. These may look like it’s just a nasty picture, but they are all real.

  38. wow that was scary, I do know these diseases exist. Sad for the people who endure them. Thoughts and prayers. :)

  39. This is one of the best collection of disease.Great article! Enjoyed reading it.

  40. These are some rare diseases and I feel for sufferers.

  41. Great job. I feel sorry for some of the people that lose a lot of quality in life because of the diseases.

  42. First of all, osteogenesis imperfecta is when people have brittle bones that break very easily, ehlers danlos syndrome is related, because the problem is to do with collagen production, but it is not the same thing.

    I have ehlers danlos, there are seven types of it. Depending on which type you have it can affect skin, tendons and ligaments, and the digestive system. It causes chronic pain and dislocations and it CANNOT be cured, just managed with physio and painkillers.

    I’m all for raising awareness, but get your facts straight!

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