Top 10 Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is also called Lyme’s Disease by some is caused from an infected tick bite and usually shows up as a rash at first.

1.       Rash – Usually appears after about a week or two after being bitten by the tick.  Often the rash will look like a bulls eye.

2.       Flu like Symptoms – Often people complain of fatigue, stiff joints and aching muscles, fever, chills, swollen glands, and headaches.

3.       Just don’t feel right – The virus can travel anywhere in the body through the skin, so it can cause problems in just about every body part.  No two people have the exact same symptoms making it hard to diagnose.

4.       Breathing Difficulty – Sinus problems and heavy breathing.

5.       Circulation Problems – The heart beat is either too fast or too slow.

6.       Eye Symptoms – Pain and inflamed and dry eye, often blurred vision.

7.       Ears – Earaches, ringing, and sensitivity to sound often accompany Lyme disease.

8.       Digestive Symptoms – Vomiting, diarrhea, and enlarged spleen.

9.       Gastric Problems – Inflammation of the bladder and in men testicular pain.

10.   General – A feeling of tiredness, a vague discomfort, and weight loss or gain.

Lyme disease should be treated as soon as possible.  It is not an easy thing to detect or cure.  If left untreated it can result in serious health problems, even death.  Get all the facts about Lyme Disease and the best Lyme disease Treatments.

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