Top Five Venomous Insects

World’s top five poisonous insects.


World’s Top 5 venomous insects

                This list is not based on how fast it kills or how many death cases. This list is based on LD50. Lethal dose 50 (median lethal dose) is the amount of substance required (usually per body weight) to kill 50% of test population. LD50 are usually found by testing the poison in mouse. Insect with lower LD50 will rank higher.

#5 Paper Wasp:- 


               Paper Wasp is the most venomous wasp in the world. It causes most death among wasps, around 30  deaths annually worldwide. Their stings are quite painful and can produce a potentially fatal anaphylactic reaction in some individuals. Its stings can cause itching, redness, painful swelling on the skin. More complications are diarrhea, fever, kidney failure. Its LD50 is 2.4mg making it the #5 in our list.

#4 Giant Japanese Hornet:-

               The Asian or Japanese Hornet is the largest and most fearsome Hornet in the world. The venom from this Hornet contains an enzyme which will dissolve bone and tissue, it could be fatal for a small person or has an allergic reaction. More than 40 people are killed each year by the stings from Giant Japanese Hornet. Its LD50 is 1.6mg making it #4 in our list.

#3 Red Harvester Ant:-

              The main food source for red harvester ants usually consists of seeds, which they hoard in great numbers, and that’s how they got their name. Red Harvester Ants can be aggressive and have a painful sting that spreads through the lymph nodes, sometimes causing reactions, especially in animals allergic to their venom. They can also bite ferociously. Even though being one of the most venomous ant human deaths are rare due to their rare presence. Its LD50 is 0.66mg making it #3 in our list.

#2 Lonomia Caterpillar:-

              Lonomia Caterpillar is the world most deadliest Caterpillar. Lonomia caterpillar is just as frail as any other caterpillars you might have seen, but that doesn’t stop it from causing severe serious internal hemorrhaging and even death, if you just touch it. Its venom is a very powerful anticoagulant venom. Even though seen in an isolated area, the rain forests of South America it causes a few death every year. Symptoms of Lonomia obliqua poisoning include severe internal bleeding, renal failure and hemolysis. Its LD50 is 0.19mg among the lowest of all known toxins, They are #2 in our list.

#1 Yellow Harvester Ant:-

            #1 Goes to Yellow Harvester Ant. The most venomous insect in our list. Human deaths are rare. Its only found in Arizona, United States of America. If you are bitten, bitten body part will swell, and you’ll feel sick. In fact you could die if you have allergies. One sting can kill a mouse with two kilograms of body weight. It is also called Maricopa Harvester Ant. It’s the most venomous insect ever, with the lowest LD50 ever tested among insects. Its LD50 is 0.12mg which makes them the winner of our countdown.

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