Trace The Path of The Water From The Mouth to The Urethra: Human Anatomy

Do you want to know the path of water that you drink? Water enters the body involving several structures of the digestive and renal system.

Path of water in the Digestive System

Tracing the path of water from the mouth to urethra involves both the digestive and renal system. From the mouth, the water passes through the esophagus which connects to the stomach. However, before it reaches the stomach, it has to pass through a gate called the pyloric sphincter. In the stomach, the water does not need to be digested to be absorbed. It is passed to the renal system via diffusion and osmosis. Absorption starts in the stomach and ends in the small intestines.

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Path of water in the Renal system

                As the water leaves the digestive system, it is carried to the renal system together with the blood. Because of gradient pressure, the water is filtered from the blood to reach the glomerulus part of the renal system. From this structure, it goes to the Bowman’s capsule. It passes the kidney tubules to reach the collecting tubules. However, as it passes through the kidney tubules, useful nutrients are still absorbed back into the blood stream and only waste materials continue their journey to the renal pelvis. Wastes product will stay here for sometimes and is being passed slowly to bladder which serves as reservoir of the waste called urine. The urine will be expelled out from the body via the ureters.

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