Traditional Health Benefits of Watermelon

Traditional medical and nutrition health benefits of watermelon.

Watermelon is the most famous summer fruit which is mostly harvested in tropical areas. It is was traditionally harvested in China and India but now it is available every where in the world. It is found mostly in round and oval shape, there are more then 13 types of watermelons are harvested in various parts of the world, rounded dark green and white zebra are the most famous types.

Watermelon health benefits:

1- It is the best supporting food, if you want to loose your weight.

2- Watermelons are the great source of vitamins A, B and C, it also contain phosphate and magnesium, so its very useful for pregnant women.

3- Watermelon seeds can be used as a face mask, it glow your face beauty.

4- Its is rich in antioxidants, so its very useful against cancer.

5- In case of dehydration, watermelon is the best medicine.

6- Its regular use with empty stomach relief in kidney pain and inflammation.

7- It reduce heart burn and normalize your pulse rate in case of high blood pressure.

8- It is a good appetizer.

9- Do not use watermelon and honey together, it can upset your stomach.

10- Like all red fruits, it is also very helpful in producing fresh blood in your body.

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  1. i love watermelons, especially during summer, when i really need a thirst quencher like this fruit! thanks!

  2. useful info.

  3. i like watermelons, why not its protect the reason.

  4. The watermelons (fruits) are lovely indeed, both in taste and nutrition

  5. The seeds are believed to be some kind of aphrodisiac by folks in my country so men especially go for the seeds mostly!

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  13. didn\’t realise how good they were for you! Thanks for sharing. They also taste delicious

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  16. It is wonderful thing whereas in the summer season all water is evoperating any where, this melon will come with lot of water content. It is very good.

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  18. Good information but still I won’t eat it.

  19. Seems to be some pretty good benefits for watermelon.

  20. I didn’t know about the use of the seeds.

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  24. My favorite food is watermelon.

  25. Good info on watermelon. I like the fruit.

  26. It’s a pity that I am allergic to watermelon.

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    mine too

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    good 4 you

  29. @LCM Linda
    use zinger or homeopathic remedy ( Zangbar 200, one dose only), it will kick out your allergy

  30. I love watermelons too…
    a respite from summer :) wonderful points

  31. seems watermelon is suitable for consumption by everyone, I am more interested in its use prevents us from cancer, thanks for the share my friend webseowriters

  32. Thanks for the information. Interesting.

  33. This was interesting. I never knew it had so many health benefits.

  34. I love watermelons! Thanks for sharing the benefits.

  35. I love watermelons, they’re such a refreshing summertime treat. Nice post.

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