Traditional Ingredients Part-5



This disease when it attacked to anyone, will make the patient ill-tempered. All the comfortable atmosphere is not there anymore, the sound of a beautiful symphony of sound sound of machine guns on the battlefield. That’s the term for a toothache. Below there is a surefire guide treatment for patients with dental pain is quite practical and simple.

Take enough cotton for input into a hollow tooth, then dip it into the frying oil is wet, then put on a plate. Burn for a moment not to be ashes, after the fire was put out enough heat. ADD is a hot cotton into a hollow tooth and up on his gums. Can be expected with a single treatment, your teeth are hollow it will not hurt anymore.


The heart is the center of circulation. So here is a center of life. For those who suffer from this disease can be equated as one foot already rests on top of graves. Patients with heart disease who experience pain swelling in his heart. If you are experiencing the same thing, try the recipe below:

3 pieces of betel leaf in the holder meets its segment (Intersection rose)
3 shallots cauliflower was
14 cubeb fruit seeds (7 match)
1 tablespoon caraway small white

How to make: betel leaf, onion and cubeb in the wash clean, white cumin is no need in the wash. Mash was the fourth of this kind of material until smooth, then mix 4 tablespoons of water. Drink this mixture two times a day morning and afternoon. hopefully it will heal your illness.

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